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chris_sparling_bio_pic_twoChris Sparling is a freelance writer and former personal trainer. His articles on health and fitness have appeared in Maximum Fitness Magazine, Sunrise Helpers, The Diabetes Blog, The Cardio Blog, FitBuff, and he regularly contributes to America Online's That's Fit. In addition, Chris is an award-winning screenwriter and independent filmmaker, and has written for such trade publications as Indie Slate and Imagine Magazine.




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How to Use GI and GL for Better Control
A little bit of knowledge and a pencil and paper are all you need to make use of these great tools.

Fitness for All Types
Many people may sometimes fear starting a regular workout program. We're about to change all that.

Stay at Home Fitness
This at-home exercise program will center on cardiovascular health, basic muscle toning, and — here comes the fun part — watching that TV!!

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by Carey Potash
With Charlie home now for the summer and under Susanne’s watchful eye, you would think there’s no need for me to plug in NightScout at all. Why would I need to watch blood sugars while at work each day? What good would that do? The whole point of the thing was to be a second (or third) set of eyes when Charlie was at school or at a friend’s house or in Japan. BECAUSE I’M A CRAZY PERSON!!!!!!!!! That’s why. Watching Charlie’s numbers like...