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Treatment for Gum Disease at the Speed of Light
High-tech laser helps fight gum disease quickly, speeds healing

An Old Drug May Play A New Role in Dental Care
Auranofin under development to treat gum disease

Gum Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Diabetes
Treatment for one found to relieve the other

10 Health Concerns Your Dentist Can Spot

The Brave New World of Dental Materials
Dry mouth, gum disease may benefit from latest research

Diabetes, Smoking and Gum Disease - A Triple Threat
Studies find bacteria affected, treatment less effective

Researchers Link Gum Disease and Pancreatic Cancer
Inflammation and bacteria may play key roles.

Colorful New Technique to Diagnose Gum Disease
New color strips enhance early detection.

Gingival Crevicular Fluid
What is it, and why should you care?

Powerful Tools for Dental Care
Power toothbrush beats manual brushing, but flossing is here to stay

Diabetes and Kidney Disease: A Microvascular Nightmare
Careful management of your diabetes and kidney disease can be the least of your concerns.

The Rust Effect: Evidence of Microvascular Disease
Dental checkups can detect more than oral health problems.

Guard Your Heart
Gum disease, diabetes can be devastating duo

Better Blood Glucose Control May Keep Gum Disease Away
The link between diabetes and gum disease

Diabetes and Oral Health: What's Normal
Don't ignore that pink in the sink.

Teaming Up to Manage Your Diabetes and Dental Care Too
What your dentist should do.

Stronger Teeth = Better Health
Dental health can dictate food choice.

C-Reactive Protein: A Marker That Signals A Menace
Inflammation anywhere means risk everywhere.

Gum Disease And Diabetes: A Primer
Infection can be more than skin deep.

Bacteria: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dangers in the mouth are silent but damaging.

Links Between Diabetes & Gum Disease – The Inflammation Response
Battle against plaque could lead to war on body.

Diabetes Plus Gum Disease: Twin Thieves That Can Rob You Of Your Health
Diabetes and gum disease can lead to cascading health effects.


Last Modified Date: March 27, 2013

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Because I wear my Dexcom on my arm, I’ve slowly adjusted to the fact that people will ask me about it. Sometimes it’s the rude and inquisitive “What’s that?” and sometimes it’s somewhat sincere curiosity “Is that a (insert random type of medical device that they assume)?” Sometimes it bothers me more than others depending on how they ask and how they respond once I’ve told them what it is. I have limits to how much myth-busting I want to do in everyday conversation and how much rudeness I can...