The 2010 Lisa Awards (Continued)

MICHELLE PAGE ALSWAGER-The pain and anguish that Michelle must have felt this year at the diabetes-death of her son Jesse is immeasurable. Michelle has made it clear that she is on a mission to make sure that no one else faces the pain she was forced to endure. As she keeps Jesse's spirit alive, Michelle works hard and shows that The Power of One can--and must--make a difference. Her drive and spirit are only surpassed by her determination help others, console others, and raise funds to find a cure. She is a powerhouse.

LISA TREESE-Lisa is a mom to Zachary, a young man who has diabetes. Lisa decided that she could not sit idle and wait for a cure for her son and others like him. She started a walk in Pennsylvania to help raise money but, as is always is the case when someone takes the bull by the horns, she became a leader. Lisa not only just held her third successful walkathon, and has become a support group leader and a beacon of hope for many. What started as a little idea in her son's school has now grown to include an entire community where her recent event included hundreds of people, a Senator, a news crew and a whole lot of fun. My friend Lisa, for whom these awards are named, would have absolutely loved Lisa Treese, as so many other people do.

KERRI SPARLING-It was Kerri's hope that, despite her diabetes, she could have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful new baby. JesseFor someone with diabetes, that's a lot of work. Kerri, who also owns and writes Six Until Me, shared each step of this process on her website. Now I'm going to share something with you. When I first started reading Kerri's posts, the guy in me thought, "Who the heck cares?" I mean, we wish Kerri well and everything, but why share it step by step? One day I smacked myself and said, "YOU IDIOT!!!!! Shut up and just read!" And read I did. I saw many people respond, describing how important the blog was for them, and it became so clear to me that Kerri, as always, was not writing for herself. She was writing so others could learn something, no matter how small. As tears streamed down my face I read every word she wrote and every response. At times when I am sure that she would much rather have just kept to herself, she forged ahead and shared intimate and personal details.

Kerri is my friend and has been for some time. She is now my hero. Her beautiful, healthy baby was born this spring and we, her readers and friends, could not have been happier. Mrs. Sparling changed the lives of women who needed to know simply by being herself and using The Power of One Person.

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Last Modified Date: July 01, 2013

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