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Dear Senators

Unless someone changes the tide, Ill always be a diabetes dad.

Tom picBy Tom Karlya

August 2008 — 

I start this month's article with a disclaimer: the following is not an endorsement for or a tale against the two men running for president, nor for or against their running mates.
If you agree with this month's article, I urge you to forward this column to whomever you wish to see in the White House.

Dear Senators McCain and Obama,


For a while, diabetes was a huge issue being discussed in the hallowed halls of our government. Stem cell research? Embryonic stem cell research? For? Against? Yes? No? More money? More research? Not enough, do more? Diabetes … diabetes … diabetes - it was everywhere.

But where is it now?

Why is the issue of diabetes research, that was included in huge debates fairly recently, now conveniently lumped together with better health care for our nation as a whole? Where has the focus gone?

Here's a news flash for you both as you travel the country and speak about issues that are important - "Bridges to nowhere," "Flag lapel pins being worn, or not worn," "Who all of a sudden has the newest way to solve the banking industry or oil company's greedy little problems" - and quite honestly, I don't give a toot toots of a Harvey Wallbanger whether or not anyone can see Russia from their house. Here it is in one sentence: As far as diabetes goes, nothing has changed in the Karlya household in the last 16 years.

We still worry, we still cry, we still wonder where that decade of the cure long went to? What is the future for my child? You both have children who you care about so much. Is my child any less important?

We're not running for President in our house. We don't change as the media storm sees fit. The same hurricane has been at our house for 16 years this September 26, 2008. OUR AGENDA HAS NOT CHANGED—WHY HAS YOURS? I don't need the world to feel as I do. Everyone has their own book of issues. I just want to know when it all changed and diabetes wasn't even on any of the pages anymore.

Now I'm well aware that the U.S. has a monster load of issues that you both feel are important, and I only want to know why this fell off the radar. So I'm asking, why has the cure for my daughter fallen off the radar screen? Why has the search for cures in all sorts of diseases gone by the wayside during this election? Why are you not even talking about what YOU WILL DO to raise the bar?

We know the issues with healthcare, the war, and with the economy are big, but diabetes has not gone away in my house and in many others like mine. Why did it go away in your speeches and more importantly, why has it gone away in your promises?

It's called type 1 diabetes. There's nothing in the world we could do to stop it. Is there anything you'll do to try?

On October 15th, one of your debates will be held at Hofstra University on Long Island. Proudly, I'm a graduate of that great university and if you would like to invite me there on that night to let me know what you will do to help this world rid itself of diabetes, I would be more than happy to come and listen to you.

One of you will be president and one of you will not. Unless someone changes the tide, I'll always be a diabetes dad.

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