Weekly Goals for American Diabetes Month (Continued)

Week 4 – Manage My Healthcare Team

Health care Team

We are starting week four of American Diabetes Month. So far, so good? Set your goals? Improved your testing or gotten a better under standing of your numbers? If you are a caregiver, are you taking more time for you? Well, now we turn our focus to the ones helping in the management of this disease — the doctors and other diabetes professionals.

This team is vital in helping to keep you informed and under control. But while they may be the medical, nutritional, fitness experts, etc., the ultimate expert in this disease you are living with is you. Therefore, the best one to lead your team of experts is you. But how? By staying as informed as possible and, even more importantly, willing to ask questions. You are your own best advocate and sometimes that may mean being willing to question the medical authority you have worked with for years; getting a second opinion if the first just isn't settling well with you; even being willing to walk away to find the right fit for you.

Staying in control also means admitting that there is always something to learn and being receptive to that. Diabetes education classes are taking place all the time. CDEs online and in person are willing to help. There are always books to read, support groups to join, even shows like dLifeTV to help keep you in the diabetes loop. You are the leader. Go team!

For more help, take a look at these pages:

Talking to the Doctor — It can be hard to remember what you want to ask once you get to the doctor's office. Let these questions be your starting point.

Don't Be Shy! — We all have questions that can be a little embarrassing to ask. So take a trip through our slideshow and see if we've already answered them for you!

Test Your School Smarts — Yes. It's says school smarts, but the lessons are year round. Do you know what a 504 or IEP plan is? Think you better take this quiz and learn.

Joslin Do It Program — Watch as one woman with type 2 diabetes regains control over her diabetes through education.

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Last Modified Date: November 18, 2013

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