Diabetes Advocacy

Making a Difference in Diabetes
Explore these resources for contacting your lawmakers and staying current on diabetes issues, advocacy, and legislation.


Staying on Top of the Issues

The American Diabetes Association's Advocacy Action Center
The ADA allows you to easily stay up-to-date on diabetes legislation that affects you. Sign up for email alerts to get notifications about important advocacy issues in your area.

Take Action with the JDRF
The JDRF advocacy center keeps you abreast of pending legislation affecting diabetes research. You can also contact your representatives directly from the JDRF site.

Get Involved with the dLife Foundation
The dLife Foundation promotes education and motivation for people with diabetes, particularly children with diabetes, in order to empower them to take control and live a healthy, long life.

Contact Your Lawmakers

Contact your Representative
This online form sends your email directly to your representative.

Contact your Senator
Alphabetical and by-state listings of U.S. Senators, including mailing address, email, and phone numbers.

Contact the White House
Write or email the President and Vice President about pending diabetes legislation.

Contact other Federal Authorities
From FirstGov, a one-stop-shop for contacting all other federal agencies and authorities.

Contact your State Governor
A state-by-state listing of governors in office and their contact information.

Contact your State Legislature
Find your state senator and representative here.

Diabetes "Holidays"

Diabetes Alert Day
American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Alert Day is held every year on the fourth Tuesday of March to call attention to diabetes and to encourage everyone to find out if they are at risk.

World Diabetes Day
The World Diabetes Day Campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to understand diabetes and take control.

Diabetes Month
Across the country, the month of November is a time to focus on the epidemic of diabetes and to work as hard as ever to stop it in its tracks for the millions of people at risk of developing the disease.

Non-Profit Organizations: Possible Donation Organizations

DiabetesSisters Organization
Offers a range of education and support services to help women of all ages with diabetes live healthier, fuller lives. They understand the 3 points of difficulty in life: puberty, pregnancy and menopause and how to cope/deal with their diabetes during these times. Through DiabetesSisters women can form a special bond, share stories and give helpful tips to one another.

Contact: (919) 361-2012. Angie Porter, Director of Development & Communications, angie@diabetessisters.org OR make a check payable to: DiabetesSisters Inc, 6015 Fayetteville Road, Suite 213, Durham, NC 27713

Jimmy Insulin
A completely free service for all demographics in the diabetes community that initiates invaluable connections between diabetes support-seekers and diabetes guides. Jimmy Insulin offers one-on-one relationships for beginners to take the opportunity to ask personal questions and receive support from a more experienced diabetic. Jimmy Insulin also brings together caregivers allowing them to communicate with one another and find solutions with the help of each other.

Contact: (312) 725-4540. info@jimmyinsulin.org OR make a check payable to: Jimmy Insulin NFP, P.O. Box 2885, Chicago, IL 60690

Adventure For the Cure
A non-profit organization, USA Cycling Club and USA Triathlon Club that exists to empower people to use what they love (cycling/athletics) to raise money and awareness for charitable causes that are important to them. AFC focuses on the love of cycling to accomplish this task. AFC focuses on all charitable causes but its main focus lies in helping children with diabetes through the "Extreme Weekend for Children with Diabetes Camp" and "Kupenda for the Children" (an organization that helps diabetic children in Kenya). All in all, they hope to inspire living a healthy lifestyle and take any kind of adventure because anything is possible.

Contact: (212) 227-7372. Adam Driscoll, President, afc-board-of-directors@googlegroups.com OR make a check payable to: Adventures For The Cure, P.O. Box 7372, Halethorpe, MC 21227

Diabetes Hands Foundation
The Diabetes Hands Foundation offers a way to connect and energize the millions of people living with diabetes through 3 programs: The Community which provides an online social support in both English and Spanish, The Big Blue Test that reinforces being active through blood sugar testing and Advocates which connects organizations who have taken a leadership role in advocating in the diabetes community.

Contact: (510) 898-1301. Corinna Cornejo, Direction of Operations and Development, corinna@diabeteshf.org

Last Modified Date: August 10, 2015

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