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2007 was a great year for diabetes advocacy and awareness, from the first UN-recognized World Diabetes Day to the increased influence of online diabetes support vehicles. The dLife Viewpoints columnists and Blogabetes writers – people who are living with diabetes every day – offer up their perspectives on the impact of the year past and their hopes for the year to come.

Kathy Weinheimer"I was surprised by the amount of diabetes related stories in the news in 2007. Although not every story was positive--unexpected side effects of diabetes drugs, etc., I knew research was being conducted. That gives me hope for what may lie ahead in 2008."

Kathy Wienheimer, author of Here's to the Next Fifty.


Scott"What really hit home for me this year were the projects that took daily life with diabetes and helped make it visible.  The three that stand out for me are the Diabetes Made Visible group on Flickr, the TuDiabetes word in your hand project, and the Diabetes 365 project.  There's just something so powerful about images." 

Scott Johnson, author of Which Way is Down.

Kerri_Morrone1"2007 proved that diabetics are not the quiet masses, but instead a dynamic and inspired group of individuals who are taking their health into their own hands and truly making a difference in their diabetes management.  From fighting for insurance coverage for CGM systems to raising our collective voices in the blogosphere and beyond, we were heard loud and clear in 2007.  And the volume will be turned up in 2008." 

Kerri Morrone, author of Generation D. 

Christel"2007 was the year of fearless champions. Individuals from all walks of life made personal strides this year and proudly exclaimed that they have diabetes - and that it didn't stop them from completing their goals. My hat is off to all who took control of their own diabetes destiny and decided to make a difference - whether personal or public."

Christel Marchand, author of Been There, Done That.

Rachel"Serious concerns about the dangerous side effects of certain oral medications in 2007 may mean more type 2 diabetes patients will be open to using insulin earlier in the disease progression.  The link between type 2 and high-carbohydrate diets and/or inactivity was becoming publicized outside the diabetes community, which is incredibly important."

Rachel Baumgartel, author of Dueling Diabetes.

Manny"2007 was a year of awakening in at least two respects. In terms of technologies, seeing CGM systems evolve with the arrival of the Dexcom 7, was extremely exciting and promises to help many more people achieve A1C values closer to 6. In terms of patient interaction, the growth of Health 2.0 sites such as DailyStrength, OrganizedWisdom, and TuDiabetes seems like a clear indicator of a new wave in health information gathering and support mechanisms."

Manny Hernandez, author of Hola Diabetes.

TomHeadshot"2007 certainly had some disappointments in the pharma community and real break-throughs in the research arena but still, efforts continue to succeed in bringing diabetes to the world consciousness.  I still believe that having over 250 landmarks around the world lit in the unified blue color for World Diabetes Day was a tremendous success.  That said; the IDF needs to now build the blueprint to solidify November 14th as a zenith of yearlong events that are more substantial in actually making a difference.  Visibility is good, making a difference is better; and no one has had the success out-of-the-chute of IDF thus far in showing a unified battle against diabetes.  I wish them luck - they’re off to a fabulous start for 2008."

Tom Karlya, author of Diabetes Dad

amy_tenderich"2007 was the year when patients took center stage, at last.  Everything from the spectacular failure of Exubera, to the changes in official approaches to diabetes education, to the plethora of new online Social Networks popping up for patients, and community photo projects like Diabetes365, shows that we -- the diabetes consumers -- will have much greater sway in the dialogue and development of diabetes treatments going forward."

Amy Tenderich, author of Straight Up.

Melissa_Stoppler"With the October announcement of the withdrawal of inhaled insulin from the market by Pfizer and the data regarding heart attack risk and Avandia, the year 2007 showed us just how rapidly the arena of diabetes management is changing. It means that physicians and patients alike must continually re-educate themselves to adapt to these rapid developments."

Melissa Conrad Stppler, author of Balancing Act.

Ilene"In 2007, genetic research provided breakthroughs in how and why type 2 diabetes develops. By identifying four distinct locations where genetic variations occur on an individual’s human genome, scientists have paved the way for predicting who will eventually develop type-2 diabetes as well as possible new venues of treatment."

Ilene Raymond Rush, author of Second Chances.

Be sure to check out some of the 2007 perspectives and 2008 resolutions from the Blogabetes writers!

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