10 Must-Haves for a Healthy Type 2 Diabetic Life

Don't miss out on those memorable moments.

kalimah bioBy Kalimah Johnson

October 2010 — The last time I found myself writing for this column, I remember feeling quite defeated by my diagnosis and even more discouraged about my morning readings. That was two months ago, and in that column I promised to move more, eat less, drink water, see my doctor and manage my disease like a winner and not a loser.

I had to search high and low (but not very far) for the motivation I needed to help me make healthier choices. I found that motivation in what I call "memorable moments." What I mean by that is I had to remind myself that I am living this life because I don't want to miss out on the moments in time that transform me and others around me (positively) and make me feel happy to be alive and healthy.

For instance, I love to be with family; I adore traveling; I need my circles of friends and social affairs; and I find my work quite rewarding. I have goals, dreams, and aspirations that I would like to achieve that will positively impact the community I live in and hope to continue to serve. In order to continue those things I have to have a zest for managing my type 2 diabetes, or else I'm going to miss out on the benefits of living a full life, and the memorable moments.

Since the last article, I went to the doctor and yes, she changed my medication. Again. I thought I would have to go on the needle, but my doctor has opted to switch my orals and dosage and hopefully that will be all I need. However, I understand that re-organizing the meds is just one thing I can have my doctor change in order to have better readings in the morning. So I started riding my bike, walking, and taking the stairs. I have started counting points via the Weight Watchers program (although I probably should join a group) and stopped eating large meals at night before going to bed. I am drinking more water too.

Last month my readings were consistently over 200 in the morning; now they're between 130 and 160. My goal is to have them between 80 and 120, which is also the target range suggestion from most medical professionals and diabetic associations.

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Last Modified Date: June 10, 2013

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