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Amy TenderichAmy Tenderich was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 2003. After living overseas and many years of PR/marketing work for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, she is currently a freelance writer and consultant in the health and diabetes industries. She is co-author of the new diabetes handbook, Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes and recent winner of the LillyforLife Achievement Award for Diabetes Journalism. Based in San Francisco, Amy is also a full-time mom. She tells it like it is as the diabetes Patient-Pundit. Read more of her stuff at her unusual blog,

Listen to an excerpt of Amy Tenderich's interview with dLife's Janis Roszler as she discusses pregnancy and her diagnosis.

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Amy Straight Up On:

Oh, Hanukkah! (with Diabetes)
Handling the holidays with diabetes savvy.

Hype or Hope? The Diabetes News Puzzle
Every step towards a cure is good for the diabetes community

Patients = People
We are all patients, at some point in our lives.

The Biggest Change
Nothing in this life is as constant as change.

The Trouble with Travel
Tips and advice for making your vacation diabetes-friendly.

Kids These Days
Seeing the world through your children's eyes.

Diabetes Fingers
Grateful for advances in lancing technology that make fingers feel "less diabetic."

What Helps the Most
A look at the things that make diabetes more manageable.

Back to Basics
Talking about real-life diabetes concerns.

Got Complications
Early detection and healthy lifestyle are the keys to fighting back.

Sleep and the ‘Betes
Focusing on an essential element of a healthy lifestyle.

Counting Spoons
Explaining the demands of chronic illness.

Prescription: Will Power
Constantly forced to say "no" when everyone around us is saying "yes."

What Will You Die Of?
A personal campaign to stamp out death from diabetes.

Welcome to Health 2.0
On the web, we can all share and help change the world.

What's Right with Mommy?
Focusing on what's right with Mommy, not what's wrong with her.

In Pursuit of Quality of Life
I want top-notch Quality of Life, gosh darn it, but where and how do I get it?

On Hypoglycemia and the Power of Community
Outraged citizens come to the rescue in one's man legal battle.

The Diabetes Bike Zone
Balancing the variables has her spinning wheels.

If Pumps Were Like iPods...
Call goes out around the world to beautify medical devices.

Life After Diagnosis
Today's survivors scaling mountains of illness to reach greater personal heights.

Another PWD puts down the pen to join wireless world.

Stumbling Blocks
Overcoming the obstacles of managing diabetes.

Good Health by the Numbers: A DIY Approach
Effective diabetes management requires an effective plan.

In Your Partner's Shoes
The diabetes struggle is not always yours and yours alone.

Holiday Season Prep Quiz
Festive events call for your best outfit and attitude.

Goodbye "Normalcy," Hello Emotional Roulette
Living with diabetes day-to-day.

"Consumer-Driven Healthcare," My Ear
A deeper look into the new healthcare "buzzword."

The 24-Hour Glucose Channel
Experiences with a constant glucose monitoring system

Why, Dad?
A positive outlook has the power to change your life course

Reality, TV, and Diabetes
Disease portrayal still often unrealistic and sometimes dangerous.

Tattoos and Piercings
Does Body Art Jibe with the Big D?

Forever, Unless There's a Cure
Make diabetes a natural part of your life rather than making your whole life about the diabetes.

Fear and Loathing of Insulin
Least favored form of treatment may prove most effective.

Leadership 101a: Managing Your Care Team
Good diabetes care is in your hands.

Motivation Consternation
If you're sick and tired of diabetes, join the club.

Diabetes Labels: The Name Game
Before taking individual stands on terms, let's take a united stand on definitions.

Much Ado About Exercise
The best thing you can do for your diabetes is move!

The Diabetes Family Affair
Your attitude sets the tone for how others will deal with your diabetes.

Carbohydrate Blues
Learning how to count carbs is a skill worth developing.

Do You Tell?
Your choice to discuss your diabetes is also your chance to educate others.

Down With Guilt
How to put your old pal guilt into perspective and use it to move forward with your diabetes management.


dLife's Daily Living columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team to find out what will work best for you.

Last Modified Date: May 24, 2013

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