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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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Would you be willing to try foods that were labeled as dLife approved?
No. I would still buy the items I purchase every week.
No. If they are only for people with diabetes I don't think they will taste good.
Maybe. It depends on the types of food.
Yes, because I trust that dLife will approve foods that taste good.
Yes, because that would make shopping very quick and easy.

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by Lindsey Guerin
As a Type A personality with a perfectionist streak, diabetes management is something that easily gets under my skin. If I can’t do something perfect, then I’d much rather just not do it at all. Which is why burnout creeps up on me super fast. A few days of pesky numbers and I am ready to throw all things diabetes out the window and watch it get hit by an 18-wheeler. So attempting to get my A1c into the lowest possible range ever has proven incredibly tasking for my perfectionist...