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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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Are the people around you prepared to handle a diabetes emergency?
Yes, everyone around me knows what to do.
Yes, my family knows, but my co-workers and other people I spend time with outside the home don't.
Yes, my co-workers and other people I spend time with know what to do, but my family doesn't.
No, no one around me knows what to do.

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by Brenda Bell
This past weekend was my STAR TREK group's anniversary picnic. Our hostess was one of our chapter's newer members, though she's definitely a second-generation member (perhaps since birth!) of the larger organization. She's also dealing with a couple of agressive, quality-of-life-limiting autoimmune conditions, at least one of which has been somewhat mitigated by the effect of bariatric surgery. In the relaxed atmosphere of a group picnic, she was able to explain a bit more about...
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