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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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Do you recycle any of your diabetes supplies?
I recycle what I can and trash the rest.
I sometimes donate any unused and unexpired supplies.
Someone gives me cash for my unused test strips/other supplies, so I guess that's a form of recycling!
No. I could, but it would be too much work.
I don't currently have a convenient way to do so.
I never thought about it.
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by Carey Potash
Because I apparently have a lot of free time on my hands and because I’m remarkably immature, I offer my first installment of a series I will call, “Typo.” If you’re like me, you might be lazy. You might have a pile of clean clothes on the side of your bed the size of an igloo that you promised your wife you’d put away weeks ago. You might also shorten words because one-syllable words are way easier to say than two. I often refer to Dexcom as Dex....