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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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Do you recycle any of your diabetes supplies?
I recycle what I can and trash the rest.
I sometimes donate any unused and unexpired supplies.
Someone gives me cash for my unused test strips/other supplies, so I guess that's a form of recycling!
No. I could, but it would be too much work.
I don't currently have a convenient way to do so.
I never thought about it.

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by Brenda Bell
Most of the time, we bash the lastest news about a "diabetes cure" because it is neither a cure, nor often even a significant improvement in diabetes treatment. Usually these "cures" are tested in mice, but fail to make the leap over to human physiology. Devices may work in the lab, but take decades to pass through FDA review, and still not be much better than what we already have. It's enough to make us all jaded. I know I am. But I saw something...