Diabetes and Summer Weather

Summer picSummertime, and the living is....well, not so easy. Heat, travel, and other summer-related stressors can take a toll on diabetes control. Do you know why the heat index matters so much? Find out now!

The good news is that with a few relatively simple precautions, you can maintain good blood glucose control and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Here are some quick tips to get you on track with your summer diabetes management:

Does Sunscreen Have You Covered?

Emergency Sunburn Relief

Insulin Can't Take the Heat

How Heat Affects Your Supplies

Diabetes and Perspiration

But wait! There's more! Get all the info you need from picnics to pumping and be on your way to safe summer fun.

Are You Summer Savvy? Take The Quiz!
The weather is heating up so don't let your diabetes management grow cold. Take the quiz and find out just how much you really know about taking care of your diabetes in the summer months.

Summer Beach Survival Kit
Everyone knows life's a beach but for people with diabetes it can also be hazard if you go unprepared. Here's your beach survival kit so you can have your fun and safety too.

Summer Skin Care
Sun damage has no barriers. As you consider what type of sunscreen to use, know what to watch out for.

VIEWPOINTS: Dehydration, Diabetes, and Summer Heat
Stay hydrated! People with diabetes can face further challenges in maintaining an adequate level of hydration in hot weather.

Picnic Makeover
If you have diabetes and count carbs, a picnic can be a severe test of willpower. This summer, take charge and give your high-carb picnic favorites a healthy makeover.... 

Low Carb Coolers
Crickets chirping, wind as warm as a hair dryer, car seats blazing hot. Ahhh, summer. What you need is something icy cold to quench your thirst and cool your body.

Healthy BBQ
Same old, same old? Well, let us help switch it up! Here's a great collection of simple, delicious recipes for the grill, from burgers and chicken to kabobs, rubs, and marinades.

Lighten Up This Summer
Summer can be an easy season for healthy eating if you plan it right.

VIEWPOINTS: My Summer Diabetes Plan
Heat-proofing your diabetes.

D-Friendly Snacks for a Day at the Beach!
The best in d-friendly snacking and sweet treats.

Weathering the Summer
How hot weather can impact your control and insulin requirements.

On The Road
Vacation season is here. Whether you are going by plan, train, or automobile, find out if you're prepared to travel safely as a person with diabetes.

In The Heat of the Moment
dLife's Kerri Morrone writes about making her pump part of the summer fun.

Don't Be Blinded by the Light
dLife columnist Dr. A. Paul Chous writes an eye-opening piece on the effects of UV rays.

Joslin Diabetes Center Experts Offer Tips for Handling Summer Heat For People With Diabetes
The heat being experienced in many parts of the nation these days is tough enough for the average healthy person, but for the estimated 23.6 million Americans with diabetes, special precautions may be required, according to experts at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

Keep in Step With Summer Footcare
dLife columnist Joy Pape shows how to have your diabetes and pedicure too for summer feet that make you look cool.

Take Your Pump to the Beach
dLife columnist Kerri Morrone shares how she includes her pump as she has fun in the sun.

Fourth of July Summer Food Safety
Keep your picnics and barbeques safe this season with these important food prep tips.

dLife Summer Camp Directory
Diabetes camps are a great way for children to learn more about managing their diabetes and develop lifelong friendships with other children who face similar challenges. Explore our camp directory to get in touch with a facility in your area.

Exercise in the Sun Without Getting Too Hot
Exercise physiologist Sheri Colberg-Ochs, PhD, offers important advice for working out in the warm weather.

Reviewed by Francine Kaufman, MD. 4/08

Last Modified Date: June 20, 2013

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