Disney With Diabetes (continued)

To be on the safe side, always carry glucose tabs. Be prepared. (Did I mention cooking insulin in the fridge and a diagnosis at Disney?) Anything can happen. Be ready.

Also, stay hydrated in the heat. Water is good for everyone. Disney sells it by the bottle. If you try the Florida swamp water at the water fountain, you'll know real quick why they get two bucks a bottle. Staying hydrated is really important, particularly for the type 1 crowd. Here are some tips on getting water without paying twice the cost of gasoline for it.

• Buy a few cases of water. If you have a car, ask for directions to the local supermarket.
• No car? We have used delivery services with great results. Just on water alone you save the delivery fee. Get a few cases. Seriously - that extra case is only the cost of a bottle or two from Mickey.
• We have also been known to take a Brita pitcher.
• You can carry a pack with water, snacks, and juice into the parks no problem.
• Put a bottle in the freezer in your room over night and it stays cold all morning. Particularly in one of those wetsuit-like sleeves. A water bottle belt clip helps too.
• Want some flavor? Take Crystal Light in small packages. No carbs, plenty of flavor.

Think about adding food such as few gallons of milk, some cereal, and paper bowls to your shopping list. That can be delivered too. You will have a fridge to keep your insulin cool, right? It keeps other stuff, like milk, cool as well.

You know how much insulin you need for your child's favorite breakfast meal. Breakfast at a Disney eatery is offered up at Disney prices. And, as I mentioned before, who knows how many carbs that breakfast contains? They sure don't. Besides if your kids are like mine, they won't eat $8.95 worth of breakfast. Start the day off with a known amount of carbs (and save a bundle, too).

Okay class, let's review:

• I am not a real doctor or travel agent. Consult professional help as needed.
• Disney is way fun with your family.
• Do some homework before you go.
• Pack extra diabetes stuff. In two bags. Put your name on the stuff.
• Know the TSA rules.
• Don't try to do it all.
• Use the fridge in the room.
• Ask for a sharps container.
• Understand FastPass.
• Carry Glucotabs.
• Get water.
• Test blood sugar often.
• Delivery can save you money.
• Eat in your room when you can.
• Hit the park early.
• Do Soarin' at Epcot before it has a huge line.
• Have fun.

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Last Modified Date: March 30, 2016

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