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People with diabetes are more than their diabetes. They are first and foremost people, each with talents and interests unique to them. But if you are looking to give someone with diabetes the gift of encouragement and good health this holiday season or any time, here are some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas to help get you started.

Buzzy is a palm-sized high frequency vibration unit with an attachment on the back for an optional ice pack. Buzzy can be placed directly anywhere cold or massage are needed, or proximal to a painful stimulus to decrease the perception of pain.

To read more about Buzzy, click here.


More and more people with diabetes are beginning to experience a new phenomenon in their diabetes management - pain-free lancing. This is all thanks to a new, revolutionary lancing device called Genteel.

To learn more about Genteel, click here.


presentJerry the Bear
Jerry the Bear is a lovable, interactive learning toy for children that teaches them how to recognize their sympthoms and practice healthy diabetes habits.

To find out more about Jerry the Bear, click here.


presentStylish Carry-All
For the person with diabetes who has everything – and carries it with them – how about a stylish bag to tote around their diabetes supplies?


presentHoliday Cards for Diabetes
The members of the diabetes community have created some beautiful holiday cards that you can use to celebrate the season and make a difference. Check out the selection at the dLife Foundation.


presentNintendo Wii
The interactive video gaming system from Nintendo, Wii, is design to entertain all ages. This is a great gift that brings the family together. Staying active with a video game? Yes, using the motion-sensitive Remote controller and motion-sensitive analog Nunchuk controller to play such fun games as Dance Dance Revolution and Showtime Championship Boxing keeps the blood pumping and the calories burning.


presentXbox Kinect
Like the Wii, the controller-free gaming system from Xbox, Kinect, is full-body gaming, keeping your loved one active. At the wave a hand or the sound of a voice, controlling movies and music is also possible with this system.


presentGPS Navigation System
Can't find the right gift? Portable or Handheld GPS gadgets are great gifts for drivers with diabetes, as they minimize stress by keeping you on track and they can also help your loved one find their new doctor's office with ease!

presentScented Candles
Light up their lives with a basket of scented candles. There are new fragrances available for the season that many would enjoy and the soothing scents can help take the edge off a difficult diabetes management day. Certain aromas and scents have also been found to enhance and promote psychological and physical well-being.

presentCell Phone/Telephone Card/ Pre-paid Phones
Ideal gifts for just about anyone! These pre-paid items can keep people with diabetes in touch with their support team, or can be used in case of an emergency.


Do you know someone who's a bit more technologically advanced? With a smartphone, people can access more advanced computing abilities and connectivity compared to a basic feature/cell phone. The best part? Downloading diabetes applications on a smartphone. The tools are right at your fingertips! Like the dLife App for the iPhone—it offers BG tracking, plus all the videos, recipes, and experts you can find at our website (99 cents for download).


presentPersonal Trainer
Pre-paid sessions with a personal trainer can help someone get started or continue on a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance from a professional to get you on the fast-track to taking control of your diabetes. Don't think they're up for the one-on-one attention? Purchase some group class passes instead!


There's nothing quite like having a glossy magazine to thumb through for inspiration. How about the gift of a 12-month subscription to a magazine or journal that focuses on diabetes and a healthy lifestyle? This is an excellent way for individuals to keep updated with the latest news and trends in the diabetic community, and to have a little fun, too!


presentHomemade Gifts
An easy way to personalize your gifts. Get the kids involved in making cards, artwork, and scrapbooks filled with memories. Great gifts for grandma or grandpa. Add humor by making look-a-like sock puppets for kids and adults.

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Last Modified Date: December 02, 2014

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