Planning on hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner? Will your house be filled with family members and fun this November? Make sure you and your diabetes are prepared for the busy holiday season. Gobble up these Turkey Day tips and articles to be informed and stay ahead of the stress!


How to Carve Carbs at ThanksgivingTurkey
We've got some tricks for surviving this month's feast without throwing your blood sugar management plan out the window.


NEW! TurkeyIn Which We Formulate a Plan
Learn how to resist the siren call of holiday foods by exercising a little bit of self-control. Kathryn Foss points out the importance of having a plan.


Low Carb Baking TipsTurkey
Tips and tricks from a kitchen magician to help you create diabetes-friendly desserts this Thanksgiving.


TurkeyDrinking & Diabetes
Many people enjoy a little wine with their meal; a special drink to relax during the Thanskgiving holiday. Before you indulge, make sure you know if diabetes and drinking is a safe mix for you.


TurkeyHave a Healthy Holiday
Expert Columnist Lara Rondinelli shows you how to survive the holidays this year while still remaining healthy by eating smart.


TurkeyToasting Thanksgiving
Looking to toast the host at their fantastic Thanksgiving dinner? Check out these tips on enjoying that glass of wine while still staying safe.



TurkeyTurkey Day Traveling
Planning to travel this Thanksgiving? Be better informed with our Diabetes and Travel tips.



TurkeyGiving Thanks
dLife columnist Kerri Morrone gives thanks to the people and places who have touched her diabetes management.


TurkeyMotivated to Keep Moving
Just when we need it most, dLife columnist Sheri Colberg-Ochs helps you remain motivated to exercise.


TurkeyDiabetes and Special Occasions
Don't let diabetes keep you away from celebrations and gatherings with friends and family. Follow these simple tips for making it through, and enjoying, special occasions.


Last Modified Date: November 20, 2014

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by Carey Potash
James Joyce said that “mistakes are the portals of discovery.” I wonder if insulin levels have been our mistake. Could it be that this hellish week of blood sugars were somehow meant to be? Drastic times call for drastic measures, right? Maybe we were too afraid in the past to take the plunge into drastic measures. Maybe this is oddly what we needed. We had to be truly frightened in order to make bigger, bolder changes. ...