Father's Day

Fathers – providers, protectors, pest controllers. Dad is often a child's first hero. This Father's Day, hang up your cape and rest for a spell. Whether you are a dad with diabetes, you have a child with diabetes, or both, stroll through our offerings for you – dear ole' dad.


Father's Day


The Lighter Side of Life
Carey Potash is a dad who has a young son with type 1 diabetes. Follow his humorous adventures as he blogs about life, parenting, and, oh yes, diabetes.

Healthy and Wise
Some health issues are a greater concern for men than for women. Do you know what they are? Take the quiz to see just how much you know about the issues that impact you most.

Do You Have Low T?
Studies suggest that between 20-64% of men with diabetes have low testosterone. Take this quiz to find out if you should talk to your doctor about Low T.

Diabetes Dad
dLife Viewpoints columnist Tom Karlya shares his experiences as an advocate and the father of not just a daughter with type 1 diabetes but, as of 2009, a son with type 1 diabetes too.

Fatherhood and Diabetes
dLifeTV correspondent Jim Turner not only manages daily life with diabetes, but life as a dad with diabetes.

Why, Dad?
dLife columnist Amy Tenderich has wrestled with her father's past management of his diabetes versus her own current handling of her condition. Here, she shares her epiphanies.

Reflections on Father's Day
Tom Karlya reflects on what Father's Day means to a parent of a child with diabetes.

You Are Not Alone
dLife gives members a place to connect and support each other. In the dLife Forum, visit the Men's Room or discuss life as a parent of a child with diabetes. In the dLife Community, tell your story, share pictures, blog - there's so much you can do to meet others like you who are living with diabetes.

Male Matters
Diabetes is a tall order for anyone. Men have their own special issues they may face. Learn more about them and get the help you need.

Go Shopping!
Still in need of a gift for dad? dLife has some suggestions. Take a look here.


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by Carey Potash
I hate to even suggest this, but what if the cure never comes? What if long-term clinical human trials go on indefinitely into the future with no hope in sight? What if cinnamon is just cinnamon? What if cactus juice is just cactus juice and reptile saliva just reptile saliva? And what if the BCG drug is a vaccine for tuberculosis and nothing more? I have this terrible feeling I’ll be an old man with a long grey wizard’s beard and a walking cane made out of...