Do You Have a New Year's Resolution?

Some ideas to make 2006 an even healthier year.

By Janis Roszler, RD, CDE, LD/N

Have you chosen your New Years Resolution yet? If not, here are a few suggestions:

Be better to yourself this year.
You may not meet every health care goal as quickly as youd like to, but you certainly try and that is important. Look around you. Most people give little thought to their health at all. They smoke, gulp down fast food at lightening speed, and never exercise. You try to improve your health and that is worth celebrating.

Dont let criticism from friends and family bother you.
Those who comment when you grab a cookie or slice of cake dont understand how much diabetes care has changed. Fast-acting insulin, new oral medications, and insulin pumps have opened up a world of choices to people with diabetes. If your critics wish to learn more, invite them to join you at a diabetes class, offer them a few books , and invite them to join you on the couch as you watch dLifeTV. Dont let their uninformed comments bother you. You know what you are doing and they dont.

Keep learning.
You want to learn about diabetes. That is why you visit this site. Hopefully, you watch dLifeTV each Sunday and listen to the educational podcasts posted on the website. There are also many other ways to learn. Participate in a diabetes class at your local hospital. Attend a regional lecture or conference run by the American Diabetes Association or by TCOYD - Taking Control of Your Diabetes. Read magazines, articles and books. Yes, even treat yourself to a luxurious diabetes cruise or trip hosted by a local hospital or diabetes center. The more you know, the better your life with diabetes can be.

Keep giving.
Many of you generously donated diabetes supplies and funds to those hurt during the recent hurricane season. Continue to support causes that bring healing and hope to those in need throughout the world. has a fund that supports research, offers scholarships, and provides supplies to families in need. Other diabetes organizations, such as the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, are worth supporting as well. If you have time, volunteer through your church, synagogue, or other community or national organization.

Dont give up hope.
We are getting closer to a cure. We also have new and improved medications that make life with diabetes even easier to handle. To keep up with all that is happening in the world of research, visit the websites of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation the Diabetes Research Institute, or another research-based organization. To participate in a research study, contact a local medical school or university, ask your health care team about studies that they may know about, and visit read about new studies, of all types, that are happening throughout the nation.

There are even more easy-to-keep resolution ideas that you can consider, but whatever you choose to do for your New Years Resolution, have a happy and healthy 2006.

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Last Modified Date: June 20, 2013

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