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Festive events call for your best outfit and attitude.


with Amy Tenderich


Editor's Note: While this columnist is no longer writing for and we have ceased to update the information contained herein, there is much to be read here that is still applicable to the lives of people with diabetes. If you wish to act on anything you learn here, be sure to consult your doctor first. Please enjoy the column!

November 2006 —So you've got diabetes. And the season of making merry by way of overeating and drinking is upon us. What do you do? Panic? Or just close your eyes and brace yourself for "a few bad months"? Here's hoping there's some healthy middle ground.

Let's start by exploring your approach. Take the quiz.

1) What's the first thing you do when it hits you that the Holiday Season is imminent?

A. Start an immediate crash diet, from Nov.1 till Thanksgiving Day
B. Volunteer to do all the cooking yourself this year, in pursuit of a healthy menu, and then stay up nights stressing as you surf the Net for recipes
C. Make an appointment to hassle your nutritionist about what the heck you should do for the next three months?
D. Book a strategically timed getaway to Club Med Ixtapa

2) You've been slacking off on regular exercise. With the holidays on the way, do you:

A. Set your alarm for 5:00 am "power walks," and then generally hit the snooze button 13 times/morning
B. Bookmark a bunch of websites on exercise, and vow to make following them your New Year's Resolution
C. Spend $140 on cool new workout clothes, so at least you won't be embarrassed when you reappear at the gym after a long absence
D. Start pestering all your friends about joining you for walks or some kind of "group workout"

3) All the relatives will be descending on you soon, so you're bracing yourself for their bothersome comments. In preparation, do you:

A. Expend a lot of energy forcing yourself not to think about it
B. Make a list of one-liners that will shut them up fast
C. Start calling your best allies in advance to remind them that you don't need any "diabetes police" during holiday celebrations
D. Work on training your brightest smile to "kill 'em with kindness"

4) Does your suitcase for plane trips over the hectic holidays include:

A. Party clothes, snacks, and a good novel
B. Party clothes, snacks, and an extra glucose meter
C. Party clothes, snacks, a copy of your diabetes med prescriptions, and extra test strips
D. All of the above

5) When everyone else is indulging in that third plate of buffet food, do you generally:

A. Throw caution to the wind, eat everything, and promise yourself you'll "walk it off" tomorrow
B. Decline reluctantly, and then sulk in the corner
C. Decline politely, and then politely talk about how many grams of fat and carbs you've just avoided
D. Take a tiny helping of just your absolute favorite foods, and then go find a quiet corner in which to savor them

6) Finally, when you think about the onslaught of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, gingerbread men, egg nog, and candy treats that's on the way, are you inclined to:

A. Scream so loud the neighbors will call the cops
B. Gather all the sweets/desserts currently in your kitchen and mash them into the trash can RIGHT NOW
C. Make a mental prioritized list of what you can skip, what's semi-tempting, what makes you drool, and what you know you will eat no matter what happens
D. Decide to stick to the know-you-will-eat-it category, and just chide yourself over portion size

Hey, we're all human. So there are no right or wrong answers. But if you consistently chose answers A or B, you're probably in for a rough ride. It might help to go see your diabetes educator ASAP — before the holidays — to talk through some of your anxieties.

If you generally answered C or D, you have a take-charge attitude and will probably be fine. Make those lists and call those relatives! Don't let the tough stuff sneak up on you.

Me, I'm in category D all the way. See you in Ixtapa!

Read more about Amy Tenderich.

dLife's Viewpoints columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences, most often at a set point in time. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team before acting on anything you read here to find out what will work best for you.

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