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Fit4D Coaching Team

Fit4D sets you up with a virtual "coaching team," consisting of a fitness coach, a nutrition coach, and a nurse/certified diabetes educator.

my schedule

To start, I spoke with my fitness coach about establishing a regular exercise program. I should probably note upfront that I am a slightly difficult person to schedule exercise for because my class and meeting schedule changes on a daily and weekly basis; I can usually only make time for exercise late at night. Additionally, the gym is miles away, and it's a hassle for me to haul myself and diabetes supplies there late at night. Thus, after discussing my concerns, the team and I decided to see if we could instead build a training program for me that I could do from my home and on the running trails nearby.

My coach was great about listening to my past obstacles that prevented me from a normal training schedule and really developed a training program to fit my needs. Based on my previous experiences with scheduled/regular exercise, her recommendations were spot-on, focusing on strength exercises that I could do that would fit my schedule (push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats) and regular training to increase my running endurance. She also did a great job encouraging me to find a specific goal, such as participating in a 5k race, and varying the program to counter the boredom I told her I often encountered when repeating the same exercise routine.

My fitness coach also showed me the Fit4D workout website program where she would upload my workouts. I was supposed to go online, check the workouts, complete them, and then "log" them with comments.

Since I was previously having a hard time fitting exercise into my schedule, I'll admit it was difficult to stay engaged in the program. The process also felt a little cumbersome – logging the workouts wasn't completely self-explanatory and the navigation on the website felt a bit clumsy. At the beginning, I could never seem to figure out when a new workout was uploaded by my coach until I inadvertently stumbled across the email alerts that would email me about my workout plans every few days.

Additionally, I worked with my nutrition coach. Since I have celiac disease, which eliminates a lot of my diabetes-friendly/go-to foods, my nutritional goals really focused on finding healthy yet convenient foods for when I'm "on the go." I was also worried about the increase in carbohydrates that I had recently noticed in my diet as a result of my busy lifestyle. I was very happy that my Fit4D nutrition coach worked to help me develop an alternate list of snacks that were 15 grams of carbs each and gluten-free.

I also had a nurse/CDE/general health coach as part of the Fit4D program, but I didn't work with her as much as I did the rest of the team. Because my numbers were within my target range, I didn't receive much feedback from my coach after completing the blood glucose log. After the conclusion of the program, though, I did have the opportunity to follow up with her and see what tips and resources she usually provides to participants who are seeking more active coaching in this area. She typically uses the nutrition tracker information to "play detective" to determine possible tweaks for medication or lifestyle changes that could help increase control and quality of life. The coach specifically mentioned reviewing insulin-to-carb ratios, the amount and type of carbs (too few/too many), activity factors, and whether basal rates are skewing blood sugar results.

my schedule

The Fit4D Exercise Log

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Last Modified Date: April 23, 2013

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