Divabetic: Bettering Lives, One Feather Boa at a Time (Continued)

There were people living real lives with diabetes everywhere. One of the volunteers, a twenty-five year old woman named Danielle, had her insulin pump clipped to the side of her pants. I asked what she thought of the event, being both a volunteer and a person with diabetes.


"The message here is so positive. Hey, did you check out the Sweet Inspirations groups? You can talk one-on-one with certified diabetes educators about improving your diabetes care. Do you have diabetes?"

I nodded, pointing towards the bottom of my pant leg.

"I do indeed. Twenty years. My pump is tucked in my sock."

She grinned in agreement. "Everyone here understands."

A woman walked by, slinging her boa over her shoulder and saying to her friend, "Yeah, but did you see how good my behind looked in those pants? That, my friend, is the best medicine!" They laughed.

Women were treated to massages and makeovers, but also to education and inspiration. Certified diabetes educators were talking with participants about making healthy choices at the "Grab Green & Go" station, which played host to "Aida Romaine" (a volunteer dressed head-to-toe in a fabulous green dress, adorned with vegetables, of course). Other CDEs were showing off the latest in diabetes-friendly footware at "Denial's Not My Style," where ladies were brushing up on the basics of diabetes care. On stage, a photographer took "Glamour Shots" of the participants, shouting, "You look fan-TAS-tic!" And out of the corner of my eye, I could see a fitness instructor rolling around on a Swiss ball while onlookers cheered. The energy of the event was contagious, bringing excited smiles to the faces of the participants.

Managing diabetes means more than just testing blood sugars and taking medications. There's a whole psychological and emotional side to this disease that often goes unattended. Living with diabetes means that you are thinking about your diabetes every day, doing your best to navigate the highs and lows with as much grace as possible. But sometimes it can be a challenge to feel gorgeous and empowered when you're toting around a bag full of lancets, glucose tabs, and snacks. Thank goodness for embracing our inner diabetes divas!

Interested in attending a Divabetic event? See if they're coming to a city near you! For more information, visit www.divabetic.org.

  • New Orleans, LA (March 31, 2007)
  • Dallas, TX (April 21, 2007)
  • Los Angeles, CA (June 16, 2007)
  • Washington, D.C. (Sept 15 2007)
  • Cleveland, OH (September 29, 2007) 
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