Depth Hypnosis (Continued)

"Diabetes can be an amazing spiritual teacher, if you open yourself to its lessons," says O'Conally. "Part of what we're doing here on earth and in our bodies is moving towards consciousness. Diabetes can show you all of the ways that you are resisting that movement. For example, if you go into your relationship to diabetes kicking and screaming, what does that tell you about your relationship to yourself? What does it tell you about your willingness to be kind to yourself or to be present in your experience of difficult things? What does diabetes bring forth in you that you wouldn't otherwise be aware of?"

O'Conally elucidates, "Having been diagnosed so young, I've always had a keen awareness of my human fragility. Low blood sugars taught me that I could be close to the edge of death at any time. So I've had a particular relationship with my own death from a very young age. That has sure had an impact on the choices I've made in my life! So I'm on this spiritual path called diabetes, which really just means that I've been given a particular set of soul lessons for this lifetime. I've also been fortunate enough (and crazy enough!) to be open to those lessons, which isn't always easy. What an amazing teacher diabetes has been for me…difficult and painful, yes. But I wouldn't trade it for the world."

O'Conally sees people in her San Francisco office and also really enjoys working as a hypnotherapist over the phone — it works really well, she says. Sessions are an hour long and rates are similar to psychotherapy sessions.

She hopes to help many others on their spiritual journey with diabetes.

For more information, contact Kestrel O'Conally or visit her website.
Further information on the Foundation of the Sacred Stream is available at

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