Depth Hypnosis (Continued)

Depth Hypnosis is very different from traditional "suggestion" hypnosis. With Depth Hypnosis, the client is in control the entire time. Gucciardi describes it as the place where the ocean meets the sand, where information is coming from the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind is also active and integrating. Depth Hypnosis has four main perspectives: Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy.

The Shamanic perspective asks:

  • Where is the soul loss (or where have traumas occurred in this person's life that have splintered pieces of themselves)?
  • Where is the power loss (or where has this person experienced a drain in their energy over time)?
  • Are there any non-native energies active in this person's life (also called the "Little Voice" that sabotages attempts at creating more ease in life)?

The Buddhist perspective asks:

  • What is this person attached to?
  • What is this person avoiding?
  • What is this person unaware of?

In Buddhism (as a psychology, not as a religion), attachment, avoidance, and ignorance all cause suffering.

The Energy Medicine perspective looks more at how this person is cycling energy in different areas of his or her life. O'Conally is very interested in how someone is cycling energy through diabetes. Diabetes brings forth different energetic states. O'Conally described that, for example, a high blood sugar feels like exhaustion and irritability. When she is in that state she pushes others away and isolates herself emotionally. She elaborates, "As a result, I lose my connection with my deeper self, and I lose contact with my joy. Wow! That's a huge lesson for me. Why would I put myself in such a state, and what do I have to learn about myself from going into states like that time and time again?"

The last perspective is hypnotherapy, which really just relates to using an altered state to do the other work mentioned above.

When looking for a qualified hypnotherapist, do your research. Word of mouth is a great, but also talk with whomever you're interested in. Trust your gut as to whether it is a good fit. Hypnotherapy is tricky in that you are putting your trust in someone who is working with you in an altered state. This is a good reason to check out Depth Hypnosis in particular, because you are in control the entire time. Also, Isa Gucciardi has very strict guidelines for the people she certifies. Certified Hypnotherapists from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream are highly trained and held to the highest standards of integrity and skill.

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Last Modified Date: March 04, 2013

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