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Q: How can I reverse ED?

A: It is important to discuss with your physician the possible causes of erectile dysfunction. Long term high blood glucose levels may result in permanent damage to the blood vessels and the nerves that result in an erection. Keeping your blood glucose in control may improve your erectile dysfunction. There are also medications and treatments that may be used to improve your ability to have and sustain an erection. If you physician is not informed about all your options you may want to request a referral to an urologist who specializes in evaluating and treating erectile dysfunction. For more information about erectile dysfunction you may find these pages helpful: Kathleen Gold, RN, MSN, CDE

Q: I'm embarrassed to discuss my sexual issues with my doctor. Any suggestions?

A: If you feel embarrassed to discuss sexual issues with your doctor, you may want to write your questions down and give the list of questions to the doctor. Your doctor may then begin by asking some questions. You also may want to let the doctor's staff know you have some personal problems you would want to discuss. This will provide some insight as the purpose of your visit. If your doctor does not deal with sexual problems, he/she will be able to then refer you to the appropriate person. If you would like to have some additional time to discuss any issues with your doctor you should notify the appointment staff when you schedule your appointment so sufficient time is allotted or the time of your appointment may provide more time with the doctor. It is best not to bring this up at the end of the visit when the doctor may be pressed for time. - Kathleen Gold, RN, MSN, CDE

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Last Modified Date: July 17, 2013

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by Nicole Purcell
Thinking a lot about diabetes lately. And talking about it a lot. That happens in disclosing diabetes to someone new - and close - in life. It must be discussed. Symptoms, management, emergency protocol, blah blah blah. But it's nice when what it actually feels like is discussed too - and when the person you're talking with really wants to understand. In all of this, I came upon what I think is an apt description of diabetes. It's like a really bratty child that has taken...