COUPLES WHO HAVE A CHILD WITH DIABETES: When is the last time you went on a date? If you think I'm talking about you, I am. Get a babysitter and go on ONE date before I write again. I want emails; let me know that you did!

DECA: The Diabetes Education and Camping Association. If you don't know them, go find out. Send your kid to camp; you might find one for this August (a kid in camp makes it easier to have a date with your spouse, too—think about it)!

TIME FOR A NEW WHITE PAPER: I say we take the greatest minds, place them in a room and see what the future holds for scientific advancement toward a cure. It's about a plan, it's about collaboration. It has not been done in a long, long time. It's time to look at what is working and what's not and chart some sort of a course….no? Any of you folks who have the resources want to sponsor this? Give me a call.

HOLLYWOOD: If I see one more stupid thing on TV representing people with diabetes I'm going to scream. I certainly do not know all the answers but if anyone in TV Land is doing anything about diabetes...give me a call; I'll find the right people. JEEEEEEZ LOUISE!

BRET MICHAELS: Okay, dude, The Celebrity Apprentice is over, now what are you going to do to REALLY make a difference?

YOU: What are you doing to make a difference? You can wait for someone else, or you can decide that today is the day you get started. Nothing too small is too small to help. Stuck? Email me and I will give you some ideas. Don't do nothing!

I think here in my chair, in my office, at 2:00 am. My son's broken pump lies next to me; waiting for help to come. It will come, and soon. This is a time to think, a time to wonder, and a time to reflect. Diabetes has not gone away. I want it to go away; I want people to help make it go away. I get it. Diabetes is many things; a business, a disease, a pain in the ass, and a problem, but the one thing it can never be is in control. You control it or it controls you. The second one is not an option. What is it for you and what are you doing about it? I'm a Diabetes Dad.

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dLife's Viewpoints columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences, most often at a set point in time. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team before acting on anything you read here to find out what will work best for you.

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Last Modified Date: July 02, 2013

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Many people say that depression is a side effect or complication of diabetes. Without discounting the association of the psychological condition with the physical one, I'm not convinced that our high and/or unstable glucose levels are directly responsible for that change in our mental state. My belief is that the unrelenting need for self-care, for following the sort of care schedules that can drive licensed, professional caregivers crazy, is what overwhelms us...
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