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For some, going to college is the first step into “The Real World.” It’s all about learning to take care of yourself and finding your identity, in addition to furthering your education. Venturing off to college as a person with diabetes adds a whole new element – learning to take true ownership of your diabetes.

College-Bound Kerri
dLife columnist Kerri Morrone transitions herself, and her diabetes, to college.

Diabetes in the Dorms
dLife Expert columnist Joe Solowiejczyk prepares you to bring diabetes into the dorm room.

Diabetes Teen Talk
Find other teens to talk to about the first year away at college.

Finding Help
If you feel like a support group could help you better transition off to college, you can find one to join or start your own.


Last Modified Date: November 27, 2012

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by Brenda Bell
What's the first thing you do, after opening a new vial of test strips? Run a control test, right? (Well, that's what you're supposed to do, even though it "wastes" one or more of that precious commodity.) Every vial of test strips has a reference range for one or more control solutions. (If there's more than one range, our vials of control solution usually tell us to look for the "normal" or "low" range.) What...