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February 2011
dLife study reveals that despite higher risks, most people with diabetes don't change their oral care routines.
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The Survivor — Clayton Christensen: A Life in Health — February 2011
Clayton Christensen beat a heart attack, cancer and a stroke in three years. This story covers it all: life, death and a plan to fix the health care system. And mentions how is the wave of the future...
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January 2011
Who made the biggest difference to people living with diabetes over the last year? dLife is asking the diabetes community to cast their votes in the dLife Top 10 Awards for the nominee of their choice.
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November 2010
In a recent poll by, more than 400 people living with diabetes revealed they struggle when it comes to paying for diabetic supplies.
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November 2010, is the go-to holiday travel resource for people living with diabetes. Start with these helpful tips to get you through being away from home.
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October 2010
In a study by dLife, the world's largest diabetes community, and SoundView Research, Inc., 66 percent of active diabetes managers had not changed their oral care habits since being diagnosed.
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May 2010
dLife announced the release of dLife Diabetes Companion, the definitive on-the-go diabetes resource for Apple iPhoneTM and iPodTM touch users.
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March 2010
A new study analyzing patient-level prescription data clearly demonstrates that dLife consumers take immediate and deeper action in treating their diabetes and co-morbid conditions after becoming engaged with dLife.
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January 2010
dLife, which has the largest online diabetes community, aims to mobilize its members and anyone else interested in helping Haiti's earthquake victims who suffer from diabetes.
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Forbes – April 2009
dLifeTV featured in Forbes Magazine
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dLife Press - May 2008
dLife Launches the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Online Food and Diabetic Recipe Search Tool – This tool provides in-depth nutritional analysis for more than 25,000 foods and 10,000 diabetic recipes. This search is a simple, one-stop resource for counting carbohydrates.
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Nurses World - May 2007
"We're living in a pandemic," says Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN. "It's a fact that one in three hospitalized adults [in the U.S.] have a blood sugar issue."
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Endocrine Today - May 2006
Sunday evening TV invites viewers with diabetes to learn more about diet, exercise, and the need to manage their diabetes.
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by Brenda Bell
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the benefits that made it cost-effective for me to go with the real healthcare (HSA) plan rather than the phony (HRA) plan is that my company is now covering "preventative" medicines at $0 copay. The formulary for these, as stated by CVS/Caremark (my pharmacy benefits provider), covers all test strips, lancets, and control solutions. I dutifully get my doctor to write up prescriptions for all of my testing needs, submit...
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