Bruce Andrew Peters Biography

Bruce Andrew Peters BiographyClaim to Fame: Award-Winning Photojournalist
DOB: May 1962
Diabetes Type: 1

Bruce Andrew Peters is an award-winning, international photojournalist, freelance photographer, and poet. A resident of Vienna, Virginia, he has had tremendous success chronicling and capturing events and stories prevalent in society through photography and the compilation of images. Peters' talent has been utilized by a number of different organizations and publications, including the American Trucking Association, Association of American Railroads, The Los Angeles Times-Syndicate, The Examiner Newspapers, and Indigo Night Print wear and Graphics. His photography has also appeared internationally in relation to Holland America Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Peters attended a number of colleges that provided him with the various talents necessary for him to create his unique career. In 1983, Peters graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and founded his own company.  In 1998, he returned to school and attended George Mason University where he received a degree in Environmental Communication with academic honors.  Not satisfied, in 2000, Peters attended Wor-Wic Community College and obtained a degree in Creative Writing for Publication. In 2002, Peters attended the Institute for Public Relations at American University. Peters also attended the Nikon School of Photography, United States Ultralight Association (USUA), Professional Association of Dive Instructors, and the United States Coast Guard.

Though his educational background is diverse, each degree has played a part in the development and success of his career. Peters has received a number of awards for his work, including a center spread in a military aircraft catalogue and numerous commendations in Public Relations, Public Speaking and Consulting Services.  He has held various jobs from freelance camera operator to president and director of media relations at Fun Flight, Inc., and has held a series of jobs with a number of radio broadcasting groups.

Peters has had the unique privilege of working with more than a few celebrity musicians, ranging from KISS band members to Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot.  He has traveled throughout the United States and worldwide as a photographer and pilot. Peters has had success as an underwater photographer, working with many marine biological organizations, as well as chronicling life in the Caribbean through photography. Thanks to a tremendous sense of self, Peters' career has been nothing short of impressive and imaginative. The artist has found a way of bringing all his interests together and forming them into a profession, providing the world with something entirely original.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, Peters has not let the illness stop him from achieving his dreams. With all the traveling, flying, and diving his profession demands of him, one would imagine there would be considerable doubt and apprehension, but Peters is healthy, knows the risks, and manages his diabetes so that it does not impact his life in a negative way; " …there is an upside to life with diabetes! One who thinks twice about what and how much they eat is more likely to be healthier than those who don't. Well-controlled diabetes is by default a healthy lifestyle… The self-discipline that one must exercise around the clock to stay on top of and effectively manage variables that effect blood sugars, are the same skills that can serve one well as: a pilot, SCUBA diver, athlete, truck driver, etc…" It is through exercise, education, and overall good health that Peters is able to meet the demands of his career and, at the same time, keep tight control of his diabetes.

A hockey player since youth, Peters is not the kind of guy to shy away from action or a taste of danger. However, this danger is not entered into lightly and often is considered with his diabetes in mind, prior to its execution. Before even lacing up his skates, Peters knew the risks of sports and having diabetes. Expecting to be rejected, he was surprised when the league organizer, said he could play, stating," I fully expected to be turned away, as was often the case in those days. I asked at the registration table ‘Would diabetes be a problem to play in this league?' Much to my surprise, the league organizer, the late Bruce Bolstad, who played for the University of Minnesota and was a prospect for the Detroit Red Wings, said: "If Bobby Clarke can play ice hockey, I don't see any reason why you can't!'" Ever since that day, Peters has played hockey and believes it has ultimately helped him manage his diabetes;" Ice hockey also made dealing with diabetes and it's frustrations so much easier, and gave me the confidence to do other adventurous things in life."

One of those adventurous things is flying. As a teenager, Peters was fascinated by flight and, when people told him he would not be able to fly due to his diabetes, he became that much more determined. Peters flew every aircraft that did not have a medical restriction for diabetes, becoming so skilled at flying ultralight airplanes that he became an instructor and joined the Flying Circus Airshow. However, Peters knew the limitations imposed upon him due to his health were ridiculous and that he was as good a pilot as any. Not willing to be set apart, Peters lobbied against the federal medical regulations and became the first person with diabetes to receive Federal Aviation Administration medical certification. Currently, Peters is focusing on his career as a photojournalist, planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands to SCUBA dive with sharks for a video he is producing. Always looking ahead, the artist is constantly breaking barriers and conquering new frontiers.

Bruce Andrew Peters' message to the dLife community: If there is one thing I would like to say to newly diagnosed or discouraged diabetics, it is: yes, diabetes is a worthy opponent and at times a real headache. Yes, every day is a battle where you are figuratively in the boxing ring looking out for a surprise left hook. You can never let your guard down. But, you are in the driver's seat and have a say as to what will happen each day. One way to get ideas about controlling diabetes is to talk with other diabetics. To this day, that approach is helpful.

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