Wasim Akram Biography


wasim_akramClaim to Fame: Pakistani cricket fast bowler
DOB: June 3, 1966
Diabetes Type: 1

Regarded by many to be the greatest left-handed fast bowler in the world, Wasim Akram is known for being the face of cricket and a pioneer in reverse swing bowling. Highly respected by his contemporaries for an impressive career, ornamented by an ICC Cricket Hall of Fame induction and with various records broken, Akram is not free from controversy. Accused of ball tampering and match fixing, the cricket champ has struggled to maintain his reputation. 

Born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan to a middle-class family, Akram attended Islamia College where he performed as an opening bowler and batsman. Displaying tremendous talent and flair in Test cricket, Akram attracted the attention of Pakistani All-rounder, Imran Kahn. Kahn would become Akram's close friend and mentor at the World Championship of Cricket in Australia.

Throughout the 80's Akram's fame grew and the cricket world was forced to take note of the talent that Kahn observed in the young bowler. However, in 1988, Akram suffered a pulled groin, the first of many injuries that would slow his development as an athlete and hinder his career. However, in the early 90's, Akram appeared on the scene recovered and with a faster, more deliberate bowling swing that made the world focus on him again. At the 1992 Cricket World Cup, Akram's new style of swing proved deadly and the Pakistan National Team won the tournament. The success of the group and the leadership abilities of Akram garnered him the title of "captain," a distinction he held until his retirement in 2003 after accusations of match fixing arose.

Following his retirement, Akram found himself as a sports commentator for ESPN and other networks, reporting on a number of sports, not just cricket. However, in 2010, Akram entered back into the world of cricket as bowling coach consultant for the Kolkata Knight Riders and as a couch for a number of training camps. The former cricket champ also found great support and gratification in his work as diabetes advocate and spokesperson for Accu Chek. Akram, who was diagnosed with type I diabetes in 1997, speaks openly about his illness and is determined to use his fame to promote awareness and break the stereotype that diabetes can't be controlled. Akram, in an interview with Complete Wellbeing, stated," I wanted to help people become aware of the disease and what is available to deal with it. I took 250 wickets after I was diagnosed with diabetes. I monitor my sugar levels every second day before breakfast and after lunch. If I am stressed about something I check my sugar to see how it is affected by stress. As I am in the know about what affects my sugar levels, I am more able to control it."

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