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Claim to Fame: Olympic snowboarder
Diabetes Type: 1

Champion snowboarder Sean Busby, 21, is in training for the 2010 – 2014 Olympics. As a nationally ranked snowboarder, Busby is known for his events in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Although he has only been snowboarding professionally for a few years, his dedication and determination as an athlete and an individual has brought him to the top of his game.

For the majority of Sean's life he went about his business with no concerns. He did well in school, was a great athlete and he had no health implications. Sean picked up snowboarding at age 13 and immediately fell in love with the sport. During his senior year of high school Sean decided to start a professional career in snowboarding. He traveled to British Columbia and was crowned the "rookie" when he began to compete. Sean was snowboarding against kids who had been snowboarding almost their whole lives. However, that only motivated Sean to strive to be even better.

A couple of years later, Sean relocated to Steamboat, Colorado with the Winter Sports Club where he currently still trains today. It was during the off season, or better known as the "mud season" when the season during early spring when the snow has melted and the mountain are muddy, of 2004 when Sean fell extremely ill. He had just finished up an extremely successful snow season at the Canadian National Championships. After losing a total of twenty-three pounds and coming over a bad case of pneumonia Sean was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

To this day Sean has not let his disease defeat him. ‘"Diabetes has tried very hard to stop me from being an athlete," he said. "It will continue to do that, but it will never win. This friend that will remain with me for the rest of my life until a cure is found is not going to determine how I live my life."'

Currently Sean is extremely involved with JDRF. He volunteers as a speaker and inspiration to all children living with diabetes. He has dedicated a lot of his time setting up the ‘Riding On Insulin' Snowboard Camps . The first one took place last Presidents Day and was tremendously successful. More camps will occur during next Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Sean's massage to the dLife community: "To be honest, until I was diagnosed I did not understand the disease. I have found that this disease is willing to be my "best friend" if I choose to continue to take care of myself. Sure the risks of complications are there, but I believe you can't sit around and discontinue a normal life. If I stop doing the things that I love, then I have let the disease defeat me and have chosen to distance myself from this "friend" that won't leave me alone till a cure is found."

For more information on Sean Busby and the snowboard camps he has founded and volunteered his time, visit the following websites:

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