Mike Golic Biography

Mike GolicClaim to Fame: NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles
DOB: December 12, 1962
Diabetes Type: 2

Mike Golic was born in Willowick, Ohio. Having enrolled in Notre Dame University on a football scholarship, Golic participated in college football, specializing in defensive tackle. In 1985, he was drafted by the Houston Oilers with whom he played for 2 years. Soon after, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and played with them for 6 years. Golic ended his professional football career playing with the Miami Dolphins for the 1993 season.

In 1995, Golic joined ESPN as a football analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown. He continues to work with ESPN as co-host of his own show, Mike and Mike in the Morning, on ESPNEWS and ESPN Radio.

After nine years in the NFL and his extensive television career, Golic was unexpectedly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 42. After his diagnosis, Golic became determined to educate himself about diabetes and take care of his body. Focused on improving his long-term well-being, Golic encourages newly diagnosed people with diabetes to take advantage of resources like the internet to learn everything they can about diabetes.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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