Kenny Duckett Biography

Kenny Ducket Football PlayerClaim to Fame: NFL, New Orleans Saints/Dallas Cowboys
DOB: October 1, 1959
DOD: April 15, 1998
Diabetes Type: Unknown

Kenny Duckett was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Despite being diagnosed with diabetes in 10t grade, he ignored doctors’ warnings and risked complications to his health to play for his high school's football team. Duckett scored 20 touchdowns and over 2000 yards of offense in his high school career and was named Player of the Year in Winston-Salem. He continued to play football at Wake Forest University, where he persevered as a wide receiver in spite of his condition. In 1982, Duckett was signed to the New Orleans Saints, whom he played with for 3 seasons. He ended his football career playing for the Dallas Cowboys for one season.

In 1993, Duckett began to suffer from kidney failure as a result of his diabetes. Although his condition worsened, he continued to serve as a role model to children with diabetes by speaking out about his disease over the country and working closely with the Forsyth Chapter of the American Diabetes Association. Duckett eventually succumbed to his illness and passed away at the age of 38 due to renal failure.

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