Kelli Keuhne Biography

kelly keuhneClaim to Fame: LPGA Golfer
DOB: May 11, 1977
Diabetes Type: 1

Kelli Keuhne is a champion professional golfer who has been competing in the LPGA for the past eleven years. Born in Dallas, Texas, to an established golfing family, Kelli quickly learned the family business, showing great talent on the course. Kelli rapidly became one of the most successful amateurs within the sport. In 1994, at the age of seventeen, Kelli won the United States Girl’s Junior Championship and in 1995 she won the United States Women’s Amateur Championship, a feat not easily accomplished in such a young player. Kelli went on to win the title again in 1996, along with a champion title in the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship and a spot in the Curtis Cup. Kelli remains the first golfer to ever win the U.S. Girl’s Junior, the U.S. Women’s Amateur, British Ladies Amateur, and the U.S. Women’s Amateur titles consecutively.

Kelli went on to attend the University of Texas where she was first team All-American and given the honor of being inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. In 1998, Kelli went professional and joined the LPGA Tour. In 1999, at the LPGA Tour Corning Classic, Kelli made her first championship win. Following her win, Kelli went on to play on both the 2002 and 2003 United States Solheim Cup teams.

Kelli is a person with type 1 diabetes and an active member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. As a result of her success on the course, Kelli has raised over 2 million dollars for JDRF and the diabetes community at large. She is a firm believer in education and advocates open discussion within families of research, treatments and current issues, and topics relevant to the diabetes community. Kelli was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of ten and has learned to work with her body to produce a successful life as both a person with diabetes and an athlete. Kelli maintains that constant awareness, education, and vigilance are what keeps the body safe and diabetes under control.


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