Doug Burns Biography

Doug Burns1Claim to Fame: Fitness consultant, Record-holding strength athlete
DOB: September 11
Diabetes Type: 1

Doug Burns is an internationally respected fitness consultant and record-holding strength athlete. Doug has also had type 1 diabetes since the age of seven. Initially misdiagnosed with the flu, Dougs health quickly declined until he was brought into the emergency room with ketoacidosis and a blood sugar over 700.

His first years with diabetes were very difficult. Glucose meters were not yet available. The frequent hospitalizations from blood sugars too high and too low left him weak, underweight and frequently picked on. Often referred to in school as the Bag of Bones he thought he was destined to a life of misery. Things soon changed for the better.

His dad accepted a position with the Naval Oceanographic office and his family moved from his birthplace of Washington, D.C. to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Finding a picture of a muscle-massive Sampson with a lion in a headlock pointed Doug to the world of strength.

Doug Burns1Doug used various odds and ends to fashion a Tom Sawyer gym in the back yard of the familys Mississippi home. Dedication to pushups, sit-ups, and river swims helped a determined Doug try his hand in the strength world. He placed dead last in his first contest. Undeterred, he found a good gym, advice and encouragement. Soon he went from being the skinniest kid in class to winning six powerlifting contests and setting state, regional and American records along the way.

Doug shifted his focus and work ethic to the fitness world and won the Mr. California, Mr. USA, and Mr. Universe titles. He has appeared in numerous publications, health videos, and television commercials. "I owe a great deal of my success to so many people for their assistance and encouragements along the way. The pure innocence and courage children display in facing diabetes, and other adversities has been a vital reminder for me. Working together we help each other use the disease to our advantage instead of becoming its victims."

Doug Burns1Doug feels blessed to have been able to bring a message of overcoming to people all over the world. He has keynoted on diabetes and health and fitness for senate hearings, childrens and adult conferences, public schools, and juvenile detention centers.

Doug resides in Northern California and authored The Diabetes Antidote. He serves on the Board of Directors for the ADA, JDRF, Father of the Year, and various sports associations.



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