David Pember - Brewers Pitcher

David Pember

David Pember Biography

Claim to Fame: former Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher
DOB: May 24, 1978
Diabetes Type: 1

"It just takes a little adjustment period. You have to try to listen to what your body is telling you."  - David Pember (JS Online- Journal Sentinel)

Cincinatti, Ohio-born former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher David Pember, 27, has had type 1 diabetes since youth. As a player for the Milwaukee Brewers, Pember pitched three years of professional baseball, including four games in the major leagues for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002 after a successful season with Class AA Huntsville before injuries ended his career prematurely.

When he played he used an insulin pump to regulate his blood sugar and wore the small box on his hip, with a tube running from the pump to a port on the side of his stomach.

Pember is now an agent for State Farm Insurance in Birmingham, Alabama with a his own website, RememberPember.com. He is also an advocate for the American Diabetes Association, and is married with a son.

Read more about how David handled diabetes while playing baseball in Baseball America Online.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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