Dan Stephens Biography

Dan Stephens Biography Claim to Fame: College Football, Pittsburgh Panthers
DOB: Jan 25, 1982
Diabetes Type: 1

A native of Wheeling, West Virginia, Dan Stephens was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10. Well-known for his academic and professional success, Stephens has explained that his diabetes acted as the catalyst for his intense drive to succeed.

As a defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Panthers, Stephens maintained an A average in college and earned his undergraduate degree in three and a half years. After playing football at Pitt from 2001-2004, Stephens received the honor of Most Valuable Defensive Lineman. During his college career, Stephens earned many other awards, including being a two-time Academic All-American and a four-time Big East Academic honoree. In 2005, he received the Blue-Gold Award as a Pitt Senior who displayed the school’s ideal combination of academic and athletic qualities.

Stephens contributes to the diabetes community in numerous ways. He has been featured on the cover of Diabetes Health magazine, and works with the American Diabetes Association and the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. Having handled diabetes throughout his rigorous football career, which sometimes meant testing his blood over 15 times per day, Stephens advocates that diabetes can be a positive force for aspiring athletes. He believes that when kids learn how to manage their diabetes by themselves, they can quickly learn responsibility and enthusiasm for achieving their goals.

In 2007, Stephens took on the role of Varsity Letter Club Coordinator at his alma mater, Pittsburgh University. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management.

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