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ayden byleClaim to Fame: Athlete (Runner)/Businessman
Date of Birth: 1975
Diabetes Type: 1

Quote: "My friends couldn't believe that I was back in the gym only a week or so after they diagnosed me. I am a really stable and positive person, so my reaction was good. The disease didn't affect me too much psychologically, which I know can happen. I am fairly smart and good at research, so I used that to understand how I could juggle food, exercise, stress and insulin."

Six months before heading to Carleton University in Ottawa to study mass media, Ayden Byle was diagnosed with diabetes and has since been an outstanding example of determination and generosity for the diabetes community.

A Canadian native, Byle first received public attention as a result of his tireless efforts to organize his nationwide run, Dash for Diabetes, in 1997. Despite taking five insulin shots per day and managing a strict athletic diet, Byle managed to run over 6000 km across Canada, proving exactly how much a person with diabetes is capable of.

Educated with a focus on business at New York University and Carleton University in Ottawa, Byle's leadership skills won him several high-ranking sales positions at various companies. Later, he used his head for business to develop his own company, Metromarks.

Byle's devotion to the diabetes cause led to his co-founding of the Ayden Byle Diabetes Research Foundation and the Cure Diabetes Now Foundation. Additionally, Dash for Diabetes has raised thousands of dollars for diabetes and is held annually in Goderich, Ontario.

An inspiration to people with diabetes all over the world, Ayden continues to raise diabetes awareness through various fundraisers. His achievements continue to amaze and encourage newly diagnosed people with diabetes to this day.

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