George Smith Biography

George Smith Biography Claim to Fame: Former President, Bermuda Diabetes Association
DOB: Unknown
Date of Death: October 17, 2008
Diabetes Type: 1

George Smith was the son of famous Bermudian entertainer, Hubert Smith Sr.. In his adult life, Smith shared his father’s love for music and played with him in his calypso band, Hubert Smith and The Coral Islanders. Singing and playing multiple instruments, Smith toured internationally with his father’s band and also with his own band, Xanadu. His musical career was so successful that he had the opportunity to perform for Prince Charles and Princess Margaret on one of their royal visits to Bermuda.

Smith was known in Bermuda for his bravery, generosity, and positive attitude. The Bermudian government once awarded him for his bravery in saving a child from a car accident. Smith, like his father, also suffered from diabetes, but did not let the disease control him. He contributed to the wellbeing of the Bermudian community by serving as President of the Bermuda Diabetes Association and increasing awareness of diabetes in the country.

Smith was the father of 4, grandfather of 12, and he had 1 great grandchild. He suffered a stroke in 1999, but his family members attest that he always kept smiling and playing music despite his declining health. Smith passed away at age 67 from diabetes-related kidney failure. People all over the world remember him for his contributions to music as well as the diabetes community.

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