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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Biography

Claim to Fame:
Lead singer/guitarist for Jonas Brothers
DOB: Sept. 16, 1992
Diabetes Type: 1

Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, and diabetes have come a long way over the last few years. A trip to the barbershop and a meeting with destiny helped to launch the career of Nick Jonas, along with his older brothers Kevin and Joe. A woman at the barbershop overheard the song stylings of 6-year-old Nick and gave his mother the name of a Broadway manager who set Nick on the famous stage.

A few years into his Broadway career, Nick wrote a song with his father that was eventually heard by a producer and given limited release. The demo eventually landed in the hands of Columbia Records who signed Nick along with his brothers, forming the Jonas Brothers in 2005.

That was a pivotal year for Nick. On November 16, 2005, Nick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. "I dropped 15 pounds in two weeks," Nick said. The excessive water consumption along with a change in his normally friendly personality prompted Nick to go to the doctor. The unexpected diagnosis at first had Nick worried he was going to die but eventually he learned about the disease and with the support of his family – especially his brothers – Nick took control of his diabetes.

"I wondered ‘why me?' a lot in the beginning. Then I started to think, this is a new challenge, a new step in life and a way to reach more people, so why not me? I wasn't going to be miserable about it or let it slow me down. I mean, I played a show with my brothers just one day out of the hospital! Now we're recording and touring all the time. My career is really ramping up."

About a year and a half after his diagnosis, Nick publicly announced that he had diabetes at Carnival For a Cure. Nick's advice to those newly diagnosed with diabetes is, "Don't let it slow you down at all. I made a promise to myself on the way to the hospital that I wouldn't let this thing slow me down and I'd just keep moving forward, and that's what I did. Just keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward with it. Don't be discouraged."

Nick comes from New Jersey, where his parents were both musicians. His father is a minister, his mother is a stay-at-home mom, and he has one more brother, a younger sibling, named Frankie.

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Last Modified Date: June 11, 2013

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