Neil Young - singer, songwriter, guitarist, and director

Neil Young Neil Young Biography

Claim to Fame:
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and director
DOB: November 12, 1942
Diabetes Type: 1

Neil Young is one of the most respected folk rock guitarists of all time. Born in 1945 and raised in Canada, this singer-songwriter, musician, and director is multi-talented.

Among the many instruments that Young plays are the guitar, harmonica, piano, banjo, and synclavier. He has also dabbled in many different genres of music including rock, folk, jazz, blues, swing, country, grunge, and electronic music. Young’s career in music has spanned over four decades producing a mass amount of hits. His first solo album “Neil Young” was released in 1968 and his latest, “Chrome Dreams II,” was released in 2007.

Not only do his talents apply to music, but Young has also directed a number of films: “Journey Through the Past” (1973), “Rust Never Sleeps” (1979), “Human Highway” (1982) and “Greendale” (2003).

Neil Young was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1982, and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice; once in 1995 for his solo work, and again in 1997 as a member of Buffalo Springfield. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1994 for the song “Philadelphia” and has received two Honorary Doctorates of Music, one from Lakehead University and one from San Francisco State University. Young was ranked number 9 in the June 1996 issue of Mojo Magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. VH1’s “100 Greatest Artist of Hard Rock” ranked him at #39, and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him at #34 on their “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

Young is also a conscious environmentalist, having co-founded the benefit concert Farm Aid which helps raise money for family farmers. He and his wife also helped found the Bridge School, which assists children with severe physical impairments and complex communication needs. Neil has had many health problems himself however. He was diagnosed with diabetes and epilepsy, and at the age of 6 he came down with a severe case of polio that left him with a permanent limp.

Recently, Young has been on tour promoting his new album “Chrome Dreams II” that was released in August of 2007. He is currently residing in his 1500-acre ranch home that’s located in California.

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