Mark Collie Biography

Mark Collie BiographyClaim to Fame: Country singer
DOB: January 18, 1956
Diabetes Type: 1

Born in Waynesboro, Tennessee, George Mark Collie is a country singer, as well as a philanthropist, actor, and record producer. Collie has worked with such names as Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, and Billy Ray Cyrus and has had 16 of his singles charted on Billboard’s list of Hot Country Songs. His most commercially successful singles are "Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin',” recorded in 1992, and "Born to Love You," in 1993. 

Collie was born to a large family as one of six kids. He learned he had a talent for music at an early age. Initially playing piano, he later taught himself guitar and, at the age of 12, created his own band. Throughout high school, Collie worked part-time as a radio disc jockey and developed a fascination with artists like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. As a young man, he attempted to join the U.S. Army, but was rejected due to his diabetes. He went on to travel throughout the South, performing with a number of amateur bands and musical groups. However, in 1982, Collie moved to Nashville in the hope of obtaining a record deal.  He would have to perform small venues, developing a following, before he would receive any opportunity at a record contract.

In 1989, the waiting came to an end when MCA Records approached Collie, signed him, and the following year released his first record album, “Hardin County Line.” Collie’s debut album was not the hit he had anticipated and in 1991 he released “Born & Raised in Black & White,” with a similar reception. Save for a few songs, both albums were viewed as weak or lacking in the aggressive emotion that got Collie the record deal in the first place.

In 1993, Collie released an album entitled simply “Mark Collie” and, to the delight of many, it was Collie’s most successful album. Collie continued to release the occasional single, but after moving from MCA to Giant Records, Collie’s musical career hit a lull. However, Collie appeared in film and television, making appearances in “Walker Texas Ranger” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” Collie made his film debut when he appeared opposite Steven Seagal in “Fire Down Below.” In 2004, Collie made a cameo in the John Travolta film “The Punisher” where he performed the song, “In Time” which would broaden his fan base beyond country and into the realm of rock. Recently, Collie co-wrote, produced and starred in the independent film “ I Still Miss Someone,” about the life and career of American country legend Johnny Cash.

Collie is a tremendous supporter of numerous causes, particularly the U. S. Military USO tours and the Mark Collie Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising support and funding for diabetes research. Though he does not discuss his diabetes often, Collie works to promote awareness and garner support from his fellow country stars and other celebrities.

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