Dorian Gregory Biography

Claim to Fame: Actor (Baywatch Nights, Charmed, Soul Train)
DOB: January 26, 1971
Diabetes Type: 1

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9, Dorian Gregory knows what it is to live the not-so-charmed life of a person with diabetes. He has lost a grandmother to type 2 diabetes and has an aunt who has been diagnosed with type 2 as well. Nevertheless, Dorian's career goals have not been hampered.

Early on, Dorian played bass from elementary school to his freshman year in high school when his musical attention shifted to being a DJ at parties, leading to him forming a house party D.J. /MC service with some friends.

With a college major in broadcasting and television production, access to the college production facilities put Dorian in demand (on campus) as a producer. He worked with some local bands in the production of their music demos.

Although he was still studying production, Dorian went on some open casting calls for commercials. It was then that he began taking acting classes, theater workshops, and scene study. To pay the bills and maintain a flexible work schedule, he started working as a personal fitness trainer and in club promotions, which led him to work as a doorman/ bouncer/ DJ at some local night clubs in North Hollywood and the Valley.

Dorian booked his first series in 1996 co-starring, as parapsychologist Diamont Teague, on the weekly syndicated dramatic series Baywatch Nights. This led to a number of guest star appearances on prime time TV series such as Living Single, Prey, Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, Third Rock from the Sun, and some film work. Dorian has co-hosted with Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce, and Mario Lopez on the The Other Half. And has also done a kickboxing workout video, calendar layouts (circa 1998,1999, 2000, 2001), voiceovers, and hosted many events.

In 1998, Dorian took on the role of Detective Darryl Morris on the WB weekly dramatic series Charmed until 2005, three years before the series ended. During that time, he was host of the long-running show Soul Train, from which he departed in 2006. He has since been seen in TV and film roles, and has continued expressing his musical side in a group with his sister.

Dorian's humanitarian works have included being spokesperson/advocate with the American Diabetes Association and working with the Jeopardy Program, a Los Angeles Police Department-sponsored program for youth at risk.

Dorian Gregory's message to the dLife community: Strive for perfection but know you are human. Learn you, know you, work with you. Mistakes and missteps are human but don't let being human be an excuse for being lazy. Make the maintenance of your diabetes fit your construct. If you are forgetful, set alarms to remind you of what you have to have to do. Know that life is our medicine, not just the shots or pills we take. Exercise, food, sleep, management of stress is also our medicine. Take all your medicine and you will be well. Know that you may not like all that you have to do as a diabetic, but without doing that, you will suffer energy-wise; you will have mood problems; you will cause much greater problems than the shots you may not like, the pills you may not like, the blood test you don't like. That is a small price to pay for good kidneys, good eyes, good liver, good freedom that you will have if you live as a healthy diabetic. It is not easy. Accept that. Embrace that. Work through that. Stay focused on the reward – the freedom of health.

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Last Modified Date: January 16, 2014

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