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aida Claim to Fame: Actress (The Sopranos)
Diabetes Type: 2

Aida Tuturro, better known as Janice on the HBO drama The Sopranos, was born on September 25, 1962 in New York City. Her acting career began in 1984 at State University of New York at New Paltz where she graduated with a degree in theatre. During her last year at New Paltz, Tuturro performed as Mayor Dawgmeat in the SUNY New Paltz production of Lil Abner. Tuturro always wanted to pursue a profession in acting and was highly influenced by the careers of her cousins, Nicolas and John Tuturro.

Aida landed many roles in Broadway and on films, which include her role as Grace in True Love in 1989, What About Bob? produced by Frank Oz in 1991, and Woody Allens Manhattan Murder Mystery in 1993. She also landed two feature film roles with long-time friend and Sopranos co-star James Gandolfini. Together they appeared in Fallen (1998) and Angie (1994). She also co-starred in 1992 with Alex Baldwin and Jessica Lange in the Broadway hit show A StreetcarNamed Desire.

It was only one year after The Sopranos aired in 1999 that Tuturro was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Not taking it seriously, Tuturro ignored the seriousness of the disease and disobeyed her doctors orders to watch her diet and take oral medication. In 2003 her condition drastically worsened, which forced Tuturro to learn how to take care of her health. She has made positive adjustments to her diet and now takes Lantus on a regular basis.

In an interview with Diabetes Health, Aida had this to say about managing diabetes: "Help yourself. Read a book. Go on the Internet. Visit a nutritionist. Exercise. Monitor your blood sugar every day. Get your A1C checked every three months. This is something that is not going to just go away. And dont expect to be perfect every day."

In 2005, Turturro worked with Gandolfini on another project, the film Romance & Cigarettes (2005), which was written and directed by her cousin John Turturro. The musical comedy received mixed reviews.

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