Diabetes Rights

Diabetes Rights

What do you do when you have diabetes and believe you have suffered unfair treatment as a result? Or maybe there will come a time when a diabetes emergency will leave you unable to speak for yourself, at the mercy of people who are unaware of your health situation. How do you prepare your child and their school to manage the work of diabetes? Learn about your rights and what to do for work, school, and everyday life.

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At Work

Workplace Rights
Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act and your rights in the workplace.

Watch Workplace Rights On dLifeTV
Attorney John Griffin joins dLifeTV host Nicole Johnson to discuss your rights on the job.

When Blood Sugar Should Be the Business of Your Boss
Do you reveal to a potential employer that you have diabetes? For dLife Viewpoints Columnist Kerri Sparling, there is a time and a place to tell.

Expect Fair Treatment
People with diabetes have the right to fair and equitable treatment at work. Find out what you can do to ensure this.

At School

Individual Education Plan
Before you send your child to school, make sure they and the school know how to treat your childs diabetes and what to do in case of an emergency. Also, learn how to create a plan of your own here.

Diabetes at School
Crystal Jackson explains your childs rights and how to make the school system work for you.

Taking Diabetes to School
For the parents of the more than 151,000 kids with diabetes, school can be a beast that seems untamable. dLifes own Nicole Johnson offers some advice on taming the beast!

Revising the Charlie Instruction Manual
Blogabetes blogger Carey Potash writes about his sons 504 plan at school and how the amount of peace of mind this provides cannot be measured.

Every Day

On Hypoglycemia and the Power of Community
Diabetes emergencies have been known to happen. When it happened to former Mr. Universe Doug Burns, it was the diabetes community to the rescue.

Separate and Unequal? DKA and the Color of Health Care
What is the color of urgent care? Blogabetes Blogger Brenda Bell recalls past Supreme Court rulings and ponders how far we've come - or haven't.

Fight for Your Rights

Advocacy Page
Find out how you can make difference in the diabetes community.

On Being a Diabetes Advocate
dLife Viewpoints Columnist Karen Hargrave-Nykaza knows that as the parent of a child with diabetes, the role of advocate becomes one of the most important there is.

ADA Advocacy Network
If you are in need of legal representation, the ADAs Advocacy Attorney Network may be the place to start. Visit the website or call 1-800-DIABETES.

Talk About It

Visit the Expert Q&A
Got a question for our experts and experienced community members? Pose it here or pitch in with answers of your own.

Take it to the Diabetes Forum
Share your experiences and find out what others are doing to protect themselves and their loved ones with diabetes.

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by Carey Potash
Yesterday was pretty horrible. Today is better. So far … Yesterday morning’s Dexcom graph was Mount Kilimanjaro. Today we have a dorsal fin, jutting out of the water at about 200 before descending into a connect-the-dots shark. He appears to be 63 at lunchtime versus three-hundred-something yesterday. Not perfect, but it never is. Charlie’s teacher and the nurse mentioned that he didn’t look like himself yesterday. He had taken too many body blows from diabetes...