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RachelWhen Rachel Baumgartel was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in March 2005 shortly before her twenty-ninth birthday, she was no stranger to diabetes in its different forms. Not only does she have a family history of type 2 diabetes, but her husband has had type 1 diabetes for over twenty years. Rachel continues to control her diabetes with diet and exercise, providing a contrast to her husband Greg's need for insulin.

While seeking out support and information about diabetes following her diagnosis, Rachel found an online blogging community of people with diabetes and parents of children with diabetes. Sharing her own experiences on her blog, Tales of my Thirties, has been a motivating factor in treating herself, as well as a good way to understand her husband's life with diabetes. Rachel is also a regular contributor to Diabetes Daily.

Rachel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Besides building a freelance writing career, she is currently employed at a small supplier of IT-related products in Boulder, Colorado. Rachel will bring her double-duty diabetes experiences to the dLife community in her column, Dueling Diabetes.

Thirty Days Hath November
Learning to break a bad habit or establish a good one in thirty days.

Personal Responsibility
I alone am responsible for my diabetes routine.

Changing Plans
When love doesn't conquer all, you still have the rest of your life.

We Are Women with Diabetes
The obstacles we can overcome.

The Broken Furnace: A Thyroid Story
Making the connection between hypothyroidism and diabetes.

Once Upon a Time
A (realistic) diabetic fairytale.

Sweet Little Lies
The white lies we tell about our diabetes.

Cookies as Medicine?
Treating hypoglycemia and resisting temptation.

In His Shoes
Diabetes is no picnic for anyone, but I wouldn't trade my type 2 for my husband's type 1.

Double Income (and Diabetes), No Kids
Considering the pros and cons of not having children.

The Unexpected
Adapting diabetes care during and after an emergency room visit.

Planning for the Future
Considering and trying to be prepared for all possible outcomes.

Pardon Me, Doctor
Severe hypoglycemic episodes often happen without warning, but new tools can provide the warning we need.

The Seven-Year Itch
Both insulin-dependent diabetes and relationships have highs and lows.

Doctor, Doctor
Endocrinology, diabetes and choosing a provider.

Road-Worthy Blood Sugars
Driving with diabetes causes the need to keep things in check.

Rethinking Priorities
A relationship with diabetes needs a little extra love and care.

Cutting Corners
How a struggling economy affects diabetes care.

Ever Ready
Being prepared for all emergencies, big and small.

Giving Insulin A Shot
Debating the pros and cons of moving from metformin to insulin.

Getting Technical
Deciding if the new technology is right for your diabetes life.

Diabetes Rhetoric
When we need a break from talking about our disease.

Extraordinary Moments
Examining the moments when instinct becomes inspiration.

Us Versus Them
The divide between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Marking a Duel Diagnosis
Looking back on hers, and her husband's, diagnosis day.

Sex and Candy

Dealing with diabetes in the bedroom.

Cold Season
Sharing germs with the one you love.

By the Seat of My Pants
Tweaking and adjusting to make diabetes-friendly holiday dishes.

On the Road
Good diabetes management plans will travel.

Managing Moods
Finding a renewed interest in staying positive and living life.

The Power of Communication
Expressing thoughts and feelings is an important aspect of managing diabetes.

Making It Work
Finding the healthy balance between work, life, and diabetes.

When It's Time to Take Your Medicine
Latest addition to regimen strengthens resolve to improve health.

Judge Not
Diabetes management is ultimately in your own hands.

The Recipe of Love and Understanding
Meal preparation often peppered with talk of diabetes.

For Better and For Worse 
Exercise routine nets positive and negative results on diabetes.

Doubling the Challenge
One household faces dual diabetes.

dLife's Daily Living columnists are not medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team to find out what will work best for you.

Last Modified Date: June 20, 2013

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