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MannyAn Engineer from Venezuela, a Web Product Manager and an Internet Marketing Specialist with type 1 diabetes, Manny became determined to push social networks beyond plain socializing in late 2006. The result: in 2007, Manny founded TuDiabetes, a community for people touched by diabetes from all over the world and its sister community 100% in Spanish, EsTuDiabetes.

Manny has been blogging in both English and Spanish — — since 2002 (right around the time he was diagnosed), but his passion for writing goes beyond that. So to have him write in dLife about his life with diabetes in both languages is fairly natural.

Today Manny lives with his wife and his young son in the Bay Area, California. He dreams of a day when he will be able to look back and remember how life with diabetes was like... a day when there is a cure. In the meantime, he raises awareness and helps others through TuDiabetes, EsTuDiabetes, and his monthly column "Hola Diabetes" as part of the dLife Viewpoints.

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Social Networking: Twitter and Diabetes
How 140 characters can help control your blood sugars.

I Have a D-Dream
A diabetes awareness article inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Power of Numbers
Make a commitment to make a change.

Can Doctors Learn from Diabetes Patients?
Experience says they can.

The ADA Scientific Sessions 2010
What they mean for you and me

Crazy Little Thing Called LADA
A bridge between type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Diabetes and Tragedy
Before disaster strikes, help yourself. If and when disaster strikes, help others.

2010: A Good Year to Come Out of the "Diabetes Closet"
Because accepting your diabetes can go a long way.

5 Simple Ways to Raise Diabetes Awareness This Month
World Diabetes Day Begins With You

My Honeymoon with a Continuous Glucose Monitor
Why it is worth wearing another device… if you can afford it.

How About We Get Cured as a Team?
Learn to open up, listen, and ditch any pre-conceived notions about diabetes.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Join a Diabetes Social Network
Why connecting with others with diabetes is so important.

Why you have to take alcohol seriously when you have diabetes.

Anything is Possible with Diabetes
As they say … ain't no mountain high enough!

2009: A Year to Love Myself a Little More
Managing stress, getting fit, and controlling my diabetes is the goal!

Stop Stressing Out!
It affects your diabetes management!

Give Your Feet Some Love!
You can avoid foot complications starting today.

Handling Hypos
Hypoglycemic episodes can be one of the scariest things about having diabetes.

The Road From Acceptance to Joy
A change in lifestyle can be a small price to pay for good health.

You Have to Keep Your Eyes Open
Why going to the eye doctor once a year can make big difference.

Diabetes Educators and Latinos
Are you getting the education you need to control your diabetes?

Overcoming the Odds
Digging a little deeper into the link between Latinos and type 2 diabetes.

Talking to Latinos About Diabetes
Education and treatment need to be tailored to cultural differences.

Diabetes Myths Among Latinos
Dispelling the myths that touch diabetes lives.

Diabetes and Your Partner
Love is sweet - and can help you better manage your diabetes.

How Latinos Can Cope With Diabetes and Depression
Knowing the symptoms and finding help.

How to Choose an Endocrinologist
Finding this important member of your diabetes management team.

Feliz Navidad
Making some popular Latino dishes diabetes-friendly this season.

Flu, Common Cold, and Diabetes
What to do when you're feeling the flu.

Edgar´s One Thousand Mile Journey
The journey to good health begins with one step.

Diabetes and Latinos: A Perfect Storm?
A look at the brewing storm and how we can change its course.

dLife's Daily Living columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team to find out what will work best for you.


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