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Kathryn Foss BioKathryn Foss is a Texan living in Norway. In July of 2005, she was minding her own business and enjoying life as a newlywed when diabetes made its debut. After extensive testing, and the firing of an extremely ignorant doctor, it was determined that she was a type 2 diabetic. It was then that she started blogging as The Beautiful Diabetic and slowly began accepting her new life and all that it entailed. She struggles on a regular basis to do what she knows she needs to do to control this disease; however, she has somehow managed to keep her A1c levels in a pretty good range by taking Victoza and Metformin, exercising occasionally, and even more occasionally, adjusting her diet.

Despite her apparent apathy, her goal is to one day be the dictator of her own body and stop sharing power with the big D. She is passionate about cooking, introducing, and subsequently addicting, unsuspecting Norwegians to the greatest food on earth: TexMex. When she isn’t developing healthy recipes for enchiladas, she is spending time trying to convince her small daughter that even though she was born in Norway, she is still HALF Texan.

In Which We Experience a Little Magic
Is calorie cycling the answer to controlling blood sugar levels?

In Which I Defend Paula Deen
Why has she been portrayed as such a villain?

In Which We Get Lazy
Trying to get back on track with my diabetes management.

In Which We Make Peace
Realizing the dream of "beating diabetes" may not come true.

In Which High Stress Causes High Blood Sugar
Trying to keep it together when your world is in crisis.

In Which We Continue to Analyze the Effects of Victoza
A diabetic daredevil under control.

In Which We Review Victoza
A new drug gives hope for a life of normalcy.

In Which Things Take an Unexpected Turn
Kathryn’s latest diabetes diagnosis creates a new beginning for an old journey.

In Which We Have a Pancreatic Setback
How health can change like the seasons.

In Which We Get a Little Bit Closer
Halloween triggers success for this “professional diabetic.”

In Which We Go Down a Slippery Slope
But that might not be a bad thing.

In Which We Talk About Eating Whole Foods
Considering the facts and the little face in front of me.

In Which We Take a Hard Look at Diets
Realizing when what I'm doing for my health is unhealthy.

In Which I Give My Guilty Conscience a Well Deserved Break
Giving the stress a rest and taking good care of yourself.

In Which We Formulate a Plan
Resisting the siren call of holiday foods.

In Which We Make a Difficult Decision
Diet and Exercise or Using Insulin?

In Which We Take a Drug Holiday
Kathryn once was scared of taking insulin, but now she wishes she could.

In Which We Hit the Home Stretch
Kathryn enters the last few weeks of her pregnancy with pride and excitement.

In Which I Feel Very Well Taken Care Of
Living diabetic and pregnant in Norway.

In Which I Have a Huge Crush on Insulin
Insulin, and pregnancy, can change just about everything.

In Which There Are Many Phases
Managing blood sugar during pregnancy doesn’t come easily.

In Which Life Throws Us a Curve Ball
Pregnant? With diabetes? What do I do now?

In Which We Talk About Consistency
Establishing a diabetes routine takes more than just planning.

In Which We Have a Pricking War
The support of a significant other can help win the battle.

In Which We Talk About Discipline
When the complications of diabetes become even more complicated.

The Beginning of a Diabetes Life
Trying to find balance and answers after a chaotic diagnosis.

dLife's Daily Living columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team to find out what will work best for you.


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