Maintain your skin's moisture!

Complications Tip 21

Peripheral neuropathy of the feet causes a 10% decrease in skin moisture. Lubricating creams and moisturizers can help rehydrate and protect the skin.

Other ways to keep skin moisturized

• Keep blood glucose under control.

• Drink enough fluids.

• Use warm rather than hot water to shower or bathe.

• Use a humidifier in your home.

Reviewed by Francine Kaufman, MD. 4/08

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By Mary Kemp of There’s no question that being a diabetic can be a frustrating nerve-shredding experience, literally. Being a diabetic can affect your nerves, and can lead to a type of nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimate that 60-70% of diabetics will experience some form of...