Diabetes Amputation Resources

foot amputation

Adults with diabetes need to take special care of their feet. People with diabetes are at risk for foot injuries due to numbness caused by nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) and low blood flow to the legs and feet.

But the risk does not have to be a reality. You can learn how to prevent amputation by checking out these resources. And if amputation becomes a real possibility, click on these links to find out what you should know before and after surgery.

COLUMN: Keep Your Legs for Life

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

PAD and Limb Loss

Preventing Limb Loss

When A Parent Loses a Limb

Wound Care

Last Modified Date: July 08, 2013

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by Lindsey Guerin
After twenty-two plus years of type 1 diabetes, the fear of complications can be overwhelming. A floater in my vision. A twinge of kidney pain. Nausea. Tingling of the feet. Any weird symptom that seems to persist always put me on high alert. I have honestly been quite surprised that I have made it this long without any diagnosed diabetic complications. There are many days where I think it’s inevitable. And many periods of my life where my A1cs have been too high that I’m sure...